2017 01 07: Second Stronghold Christmas Feast/January Feast

posted Jan 9, 2017, 5:21 PM by Freydis Egilsdottir   [ updated Jan 20, 2019, 5:18 AM ]
Many thanks to Brent and Cheryl for hosting this fabulous event.  The exposed wooden beams in your feasting hall gave an excellent period feel, and your banners were lovely.  The beauty and comfort of the space, though, was surpassed by your warm hospitality and good conversation.

The in-garb sledding (under mundane coats except in the case of the viking children) was definitely something to see.  It was enjoyed by all, whether from the vantage of the snowy slopes or through the living room window by the fire.  Although there were no official judges, I believe Olivia and Shereen set the record for distance, while Karl Skullsplitter carried the day for longest standing sled-run.  

After a good snowball fight, the sledders moved inside to find a delicious feast laid out.  We got the candles lit, and the lights off, and enjoyed a wonderful evening of food, conversation, and games of chess and hnefatafl until foul weather forced us to head home.  The only downside to the evening was that it was too short, and I for one can't wait until next time.
-Alman Ibrahim

The now-dry youngsters, and Taymor's new garb!

Our hosts!

Mikhail, Brent, and Cheryl in front of the serving table.

Mikhail and Ulrich ponder the options: lamb kebabs, stewed apples, pottage, torte... which will the whipped cream go best upon?

The evening winds down.

And a lovely time was had by all. Thanks again for hosting a delightful supper, Cheryl and Brent!