2016 12 09: Stronghold Christmas Feast

posted Jan 9, 2017, 5:23 PM by Freydis Egilsdottir
Stronghold Christmas Feast (almost-incipient Stronghold of Ravensdale, Berwick, NS)
Friday, Dec. 9th, 2016, 7:00 pm - ??
369 Bentley Rd, Berwick, NS

The Stronghold's second annual Christmas feast, while chilly, was great fun!

It was held in the Great Gules Hall (aka the Big Red Barn). We had gotten the far wall insulated, vapour-barriered, covered, and primed, with curtains covering the closed doorway, and it made a distinct difference to the temperature up there, as did the addition of seven more hanging lanterns (there are now matching lanterns hanging down the centre as well as the rows on either side). We also ran as many heaters as we could without tripping breakers, which were life-savers for those without well-insulated garb.

Even so, though, with slightly lower numbers than usual due to the busy social Christmas season, and an outside temperature somewhere around -16c, it was still not quite comfortable upstairs. We plan to insulate the other wall before the next feast, though, and close off the doorway at the bottom of the stairs with a curtain, and that will make quite a difference as well. As will it (hopefully) not being quite so cold out!

The Baron and Baroness honoured us with their presence again this year, and even brought a guest, a friend from Drachenwald. We deliberately did not tell them anything about the GGH, nor posted anything about our hard work on it online publicly, so as to surprise them with the wonderful space. They were surprised, indeed, and much enjoyed it! A memorable moment was the sheep downstairs interjecting comments into a lull in the conversation. Very period!

We do hope to make or acquire some tables and chairs or benches of our own soon, ideally before the next feast, as bringing them in and returning them (especially in the snow) adds an unwanteded level of complication. Great thanks to Ulrich and Ibrahim for dealing with that, and everyone else who helped to load and unload them all, and set them up!

The evening ended around the wood stove inside, drinking tea and enjoying conversation, before Their Excellencies and their guest had to leave. A chilly but enjoyable night!

Sadly, not too many pics of it. If you have any more, pass them on to me and I'll add them in!