2016 09 10: Wing Welcome Demo at CFB Greenwood

posted Sep 11, 2016, 2:34 PM by Freydis Egilsdottir   [ updated Jan 8, 2017, 6:45 PM by Mikhail H- ]
That was a very successful demo! We took up lots of space and made lots of noise and attracted lots of attention and handed out lots of hand-outs!

Initially all we were going to have for demo space was one table inside. We were thinking that perhaps we could set up one of our sunshade tents over it, so as to concentrate the effect and have something to hang banners from; but there wouldn't have been room between our table and the next ones for it, and certainly no room for any fighting. In the end, though, after talking to the Wing coordinator, we ended up in the most prime location at the whole event: Outside, directly in front of the main doors!

So, bright and early, Almaric, joined shortly by Mikhail and Alvena, headed out to start setting up both Almaric's and our shade tents, with Karl and I following a short while later. Soon Chris and Jen arrived, with Ulrich, his daughters, and his exchange students, and Jen, Andrew, and Edward arriving later. With two tents (and three tables), we were able to have one table dedicated to a large screen playing SCA videos (our favourite of which, "Welcome Home", I've added below), and holding hand-outs (both an eight-page colour introduction to the SCA, "New Member's Guide to the SCA"--we handed out fifty-one of those over the course of the three-hour demo--and a simpler tri-fold brochure, "Forward into the Past", of which we handed out around eighty-seven). The two other tables held Arts and Sciences offerings: examples of feast gear, leatherwork, garb, embroidery, and luceting, as well as more hand-outs. Beside the TV, we had fighting demos, both heavy (with Mikhail and Almaric) and fencing (with Almaric, Jen, and, later, Andrew as well). Mikhail's chain mail and Norse helmet stood nearby, while at the other end, Chris dished knees literally until his fingers bled (he developed some nice blisters from it) and guided kids in knitting chain links, steel and brass, into things like chains and bracelets.

The two signs we made up to help label the tents (we printed several, and hung them on the tent eaves) with the hand-outs in behind.

We gathered a lot of attention, and had many photos taken of us, including several from the attending reporter from the Aurora, and another gentleman with a very professional-looking camera I would not be surprised to learn was from another local paper. We aren't in the newest Aurora that came out today, of course--I checked very carefully, heh--but I would not be surprised to see us there in the next edition, the moreso because the Aurora's reporter (who has seen us out and about before, and who once again requested that we let her know about any upcoming events we would like advertised; I invited her to attend the upcoming feast or camping event) carefully noted down the names of some of the people she photographed. Perhaps people who have access to other papers in the area could watch for the article on the Wing Welcome? I would love to clip any articles!

We had several people who definitely exhibited a high level of interest; I would not be surprised if we do not have at least one or two new people checking out our next Wednesday meeting (which will be at our house, 35 Elm Street in Greenwood--look for the green raven banner out front).

The demo officially ended at one o'clock, but we stuck with it for about twenty more minutes before finally calling it a day, so as to catch the exhibitors coming out after all was closed up inside. Packing up went quite quickly, for the SCA (yay pop-up tents!), and we, the last to leave, were nevertheless home around two. One gentleman who had been heavily involved out west in An Tir around the same time as us stayed to chat to us all for quite some time, even helping us pack and load up.

The next get-together will be our casual weekly meeting, Wednesday, Sept. 14th at our place, with the next one after that being the archery day this Saturday, Sept 17th, starting around noon at Ulrich's, at 168 Hamilton Road in Berwick, and of course the camping event there on the weekend starting Sept. 30th. And after that, we have our feast on October 14th, the next archery day the next day on the 15th, and the Baronial Investiture Anniversary feast in Halifax on Oct. 22nd. Look in our Calendar or under Events in the column on the left for all the details, and we'll see you in a few days!

YouTube Video

We had a whole bunch of different demo-appropriate demo videos cycling through a playlist, but we set up this one to be every other one, because it's very high quality, gives a good sense of the atmosphere of events, doesn't focus exclusively on fighting, and, with nice music but no talking, works well as a background video that doesn't interrupt any conversations we may be having with interested people.