2016 07 10: Camping Event Work Party

posted Jul 10, 2016, 1:19 PM by Freydis Egilsdottir   [ updated Jan 8, 2017, 6:44 PM by Mikhail H- ]
Another work party today, constructing outhouses.

Two adults: Ulrich and me. We got the bases reinforced and sheathed for two outhouses; and side walls for both made.

Originally we were going to go with an A-frame design that should have been very quick to assemble (as well as looking suitably Norse); but unfortunately with the limited sheathing and supply of 12' 2x4s we had, we weren't able to get enough head room; they would have been uncomfortably cramped for anyone larger than Karl. So instead, we've gone with a more traditional upright design with a slightly sloped roof.

The rain started just as we were discussing the design change; but luckily Ulrich's sun room entry way was large enough that we could assemble the side walls in there, having cut the boards to length in the garage, so we were able to largely stay out of it. If the weather had been better, though, we would have been able to get the frames assembled on the bases. As it is, though, that will be pretty straightforward: the side pieces (which are done) will get screwed onto the bases, and joined with six four-foot 2x4s. They will then be sheathed, sides and back, with horizontally-overlapping first-cuts of lumber, which is that first slice of wood and bark taken off a log when turning it into boards. The roof with be some of the OSB that was donated, with lumber wrap for extra protection on top. I have to admit, I would like to add an inch of dirt and some grass seed on top of that for the look of the thing; but there won't be time for it to sprout before the event.

We were planning on completing construction up by the house (where we were working on the bases) and then moving them into position with the tractor; but instead they will be assembled in position.

This coming Saturday (July 16th), there will be another work party that we hope will allow the outhouses to be finished, along with the well; but that will only happen if we can get a good turn-out of bodies. Please come out if you can, even for part of the day, and we can get done! Huzzah!