2016 06 30: War Camp!

posted Jul 4, 2016, 8:29 AM by Freydis Egilsdottir   [ updated Jan 8, 2017, 6:43 PM by Mikhail H- ]
A bunch of us attended Ruantallan's annual Baronial War Camp in Lansdowne, NS at the LORDA camp this past weekend. What a lot of fun!

Sadly, not everyone who wanted (or was planning) to come was ale to make it, but we still had three households show up to fly the colours and attend eleven people all told: six adults and five kids, which is a pretty decent showing for something relatively far away.

Our event (hosted by "the Shire of Ravensdale" at "the Stronghold of Ulrich")  was announced during court--nice to get to skip being incipient, ha ha! We were all amused by the Baron's slip of the tongue.

Ulrich's bows went over very well; one good gentle who had a competition bow that had previously belonged to the barony's former baroness said he found Ulrich's bow shot much, much better for him; he went from a score of 16 with the manufactured bow (which he said was too finicky) to one of 31 just by switching to Ulrich's! He said it was far more forgiving and nicer to shoot, and that if he had been more familiar with it he could have done even better. I think he has several new customers in the wings.

In addition, I hear rumours that Ulrich's beautiful, effective, (and far cheaper than competition!) handmade bows may soon be involved in a package deal with handmade arrows from a fellow Ruantallaner! (Ruantallian? Ruantallanite? Fellow baronial citizen, anyway). That would be fantastic and a great opportunity for someone looking to get into archery.

Speaking of archery, after court we had several archery marshals come up to us saying, if their calendar was clear that weekend, that they would be available to marshal a range, so with a little luck (keep your fingers crossed!) we can have target archery at the event, too! And the gentle who said she was trying to get her thrown weapons marshal status transferred to East Kingdom has apparently succeeded and is still interested in attending; I have contact info to see if she can marshal a thrown weapons range as well, which would allow us to do spear chucking! Great fun.

In addition, both Almaric and Mikhail were able to get their East Kingdom heavy fighter's authorizations; Almaric in sword and shield; Mikhail in all heavy weapons forms. Well done!

Mikhail (left) and Almaric during Almaric's authorization

Mikhail and Luke during Mikhail's authorization.(Mikhail authorizing in Heavy Combat Staring)

Our Norse tent garnered a great deal of interest. I hope to soon see several more at nearby events.


And our Walmart kitchen tents worked great. The ground was too rocky to drive the stakes in (although it didn't stop the portable holes); but we secured them in the high winds by tying the guy lines to our water jugs, ha ha. They blend into the background pretty well, all things considered.

The kids had a great deal of fun, running "feral" (as several other parents called it) in a pack for most of the weekend, returning (reluctantly) to eat and sleep.

Karl and Shereen even got to be Baronial Pages, bringing in the colours to present the war party for GNEW (the upcoming Great Northeastern War) with the Baronial war banner, Seashire's sea serpent war banner, and the Baronial war sword for the Baron to present.

We set Astrid loose with a video camera. Results below, with her brother's retaliatory video linked below it.

If anyone wants to add their own thoughts on War Camp in the forums, I can post them up here for you!