2016 06 08: Weekly Meeting

posted Jun 8, 2016, 5:04 PM by Freydis Egilsdottir   [ updated Jan 8, 2017, 6:43 PM by Mikhail H- ]
A small meeting this time: four adults, two kids. Armouring session to happen at House Ravenspeak (Elm) this Sunday; work party at Ulrich's Wednesday evening.

Discussed were site preparations for our upcoming August event; little work remains. The well bottomed out at what seems to be bedrock sooner than expected, and while water was seeping in, not enough and not fast enough, despite attempts to open it up with Ulrich drilling 14" into it. We hiked around the area and did find a low, damp spot not too far away, though, and when we dug down slightly, water seeped in, so Ulrich will try a well there with the backhoe.

Water at the site would be great; but it isn't strictly necessary; I've camped at many events with water either at an inconvenient distance or absent altogether, with participants required to supply their own. So we aren't too worried, although we are hopeful about the new site.

Rather than fill in the hole at the end of the field, though, what we will do is use it for the outhouses. We plan to build as many as we can with the supplies we've got (Wil has just donated some lumber to the cause as well), and supplement with some rental potties, which will be ugly and blue but at least the barony will pay for them. Ways to hide them were also discussed; I suspect the most probable one will be to get a cheap painter's drop cloth and paint an appropriate Bayeux tapestry- or Medieval-style picture on it. Extant examples abound.

But other than putting in the second well (if it ends up productive), and some more work on weaving re-enforcing into the fence (and possibly making a short wattle fence to hide the parking area from view a bit), there isn't much more to do on the site, except for building the outhouses. There will be a work party at Ulrich's next Wednesday evening (June 15, 6-8:30 pm).

Mikhail also showed and explained his portable holes: sharpened angle iron stakes with rings that are driven into the ground for supporting anything from tiki torches to banner poles to tent posts. He's making and selling them for $15 each. He promises some photos of them in action for those who haven't seen them before; they don't seem as ubiquitous here as they are out West. Apparently Westerners really have a thing for encampment lighting. Contact Mikhail or Freydis if you want to order any.

We also discussed tents! Freydis did a run to Halifax for supplies last week, and came back not only with canvas to repair their tent, but also a cheap canvas supplier for tents! Coloured fabrics, even! That is fantastic; canvas can be very expensive at fabric stores even in natural colours; finding good, un-plasticised canvases in a decent weight for tents at a decent price, in decent colours, was fantastic. She brought back some samples from Marine Canvas Converters in appropriate fabrics: 15 oz 60" plain canvas ($12.50/yard for 50+ yards, product number #CANU1560W); 10 oz 72" wide plain canvas ($11.70/yard, product number #CAN1100072); 10 oz 60" black canvas ($28.71/yd, #CANMALLARDFR27); 10 oz 60" green canvas ($10/yd, while supplies last; no product number); and last, a nice, vibrant red canvas, 10 oz, 60", for only $7.18/yd (again, while supplies last)! #C3020 for that stuff.

Those are way better prices than we anticipated (especially for that red!), which is very encouraging; Mikhail posted some tent sizes and costs in the forums. They figure a small (for them) tent for the kids to sleep in would only cost $100 in fabric, which is great. They also had Sunbrella fabrics in a very wide range of canvas colours (treated, but again, not plasticised), but Freydis couldn't snag samples of those, although Ulrich did snap a picture of them (Ulrich, if you guys email me the pic, I'll add it to the post. -F).

Other than that, Mikhail showed off the work he and Freydis were doing with router and jigsaw to carve their ravens into the new tent beams, and we discussed the upcoming War Camp event at the end of the month. Everyone's going to that, right? ;)

Armouring this Sunday at Mikhail's; work party next Wednesday at Ulrich's!