2016 02 13: Demo: Greenwood Mall

posted Feb 13, 2016, 7:17 PM by Freydis Egilsdottir   [ updated Jan 8, 2017, 6:46 PM by Mikhail H- ]
Lord Almaric de la Croix and Freydis Heimdallson (and Karl, for a few hours) had a table up at the Greenwood Mall today from noon until five, showing various items from calligraphy tools and embroidery through feast gear to fencing gear (rapier, main gauche, and mask), a rattan sword and shield, chain mail and a reproduction of a Vendel helm and Mikhail's nicer fighting helmet. Sadly, we forgot to take photos, although several people did take photos of us.

We also had an SCA video running on Almaric's laptop to liven things up a bit and show interested people what we were talking about. We had a very positive reception, handing out about 37 brochures about the SCA (and with our contact info and web page on there; we were sure to point out the website address to each person); talked to several blacksmiths; talked to a surprising (to me, although I shouldn't have been, considering I was one myself) number of people who had been in the SCA some time before and who were interested to hear it was in the area; and a lot of people who hadn't ever heard of us but who did seem very interested. We'll see if anyone comes out; one family I hope will be here on Wednesday; and we particularly promoted the upcoming Sobey's meeting on the first Wednesday in March as a good time to check things out.

We had some interesting discussions with people about their travels to Europe and about history. All in all, I think a very successful afternoon. We'll see if we end up with any new faces from it.