2016 01 06: Weekly Meeting

posted Jan 6, 2016, 5:28 PM by Freydis Egilsdottir   [ updated Jan 8, 2017, 6:38 PM by Mikhail H- ]
A smaller group for our first meeting at the Sobeys: Four adults and four kids. It was very pleasant: they left us coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, and also some pastries and candy canes.

We all forgot to bring entertainment for the kids so they did the very period thing of making their own entertainment, which largely consisted of drawing on the whiteboard and running in circles. Next time entertainment will be brought; "making your own entertainment" is noisy.

Several topics were discussed, from garb plans to figuring out ways to get greater exposure and a larger membership, and the upcoming camping season. Almaric will post more posters around the Valley (he has already posted several around town), and Freydis will head over to the Aurora newspaper tomorrow (since she lives right behind them) and will put an ad in under their Community Groups section of the Personals.

We discussed gathering items (including a laptop, monitor, and SCA videos) to man a table with at the Greenwood Mall Farmer's Markets on Thursdays; Almaric is willing to man it (although I am sure company--appropriately attired--would be welcome). If you have anything related you'd like to sell there, arrange it with him; we're hoping to be out there for next Thursday, Jan. 14th. We also discussed places to hold a demo--does anyone know of any Medieval- or fantasy-themed movies coming out in the next while?

Apparently there are six known camping events in the Maritimes this summer, between Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and P.E.I.. However, this site only lists three of them, so if anyone can point the rest out in the forums under "Suggested Links", Freydis will add it to the Calendar.

However, most of them require hours of travel, so we'd like to have something a little closer to home. We also don't want to wait until May for the next event (after the feast next Saturday). The Christmas Feast went over very well, so we thought we should do another feast in the upcoming months. It will probably be potluck again.

Some kind of draw or activity would be nice for the feast, and it was suggested that a fun thing to do might be to have it not only in garb, but also in character. Come not only dressed as your persona, but also as your persona! Or at least try to speak forsoothly. Could be neat.

Mikhail talked about making little heraldic shield table stands to identify individuals at feasts; we saw some at the Medieval Mythbusters feast and were very impressed by them. He and Freydis meant to cut out some blanks and bring them along for people to paint up (three inches tall seem a good scale), but Freydis inadvertently traced them onto something that was actually a tool and not just scrap as she had thought. They should be available for next week.

Maeve and Freydis discussed the challenges of being a new mother on garb, and ideas for new garb for Maeve. Also Medieval bras, which, it now ends up, were actually a thing, which is fantastic (further info).

The next meeting will be at someone's house (TBA); and then the one after that on the 20th will be at the Sobey's again.