2015 11 09: Weekly Meeting

posted Nov 23, 2015, 8:07 PM by Freydis Egilsdottir   [ updated Feb 24, 2016, 9:44 AM by Mikhail H- ]
This is the place to find out what happened at meetings and events. A quick summary will be posted here after each one.

To start, this is the summary for the weekly meeting on Monday, November 9th, at Lord Almaric's house.

Seven adults attended, along with five children. There was a discussion of fighting, who was interested in what styles, what equipment people needed, that sort of thing. Upstairs, garb was the primary topic of discussion until the fighters joined us.

Once we were all together (save for one good gentle who unfortunately had to leave early), we had a very profitable discussion about creating the new Annapolis Valley group. It was agreed that, having several military members, the best type of group for us would be to become a Stronghold, which allows the group to simply go dormant if too many members are posted away, rather than being forced to dissolve if membership drops below a certain level, as shires are. However, it was agreed to also look to gain a strong base of civilians to help keep the group active and lend a sense of continuity as military members post in and out.

Demos were discussed as a way of attracting newcomers.

We also selected our first officers as we need to have them in place in order to become an incipient Stronghold (which is our first goal as a group):

Seneschal: Lord Almaric de la Croix
Exchequer: Ulrich von Spandau
Chatelaine: Maeve Mac Gille Eath-Hain
Mistress of Arts & Sciences: Lady Valonia Mac Maghan
Marshal (pending): Lord Mikhail Heimdallson

We will also need a name for our Stronghold in order to submit the paperwork to become official (or at least to get the lengthy process started). General ideas were discussed but nothing decided upon yet; it is a name we will have to live with for some time so it is worth taking some time over. A former college in Wolfsville was mentioned, since dissolved; it was created, went dormant, and twice attempted to be revived but both times failed. It was decided to create a new name for this group. It was suggested that some sort of contest be held but no details worked out; the prize will likely be bragging rights.

We also decided to move the weekly meeting from Mondays to Wednesdays, both to allow Ulrich's lady to also attend, and to allow the Stronghold populace to travel to Halifax for the fighting practises there on Mondays if needed; this is the only place to get rattan right now, and is the official fighting practise in the area; until we get local marshals anything we do here is strictly unofficial.

It was decided to alternate Wednesday nights as Arts & Sciences nights and fighting (both practising and building equipment as needed); see the Calendar to see which week it is.

Mikhail and Freydis agreed to put up a website for the group (this is it) and act as admins under the agreement that administrating it not be an official, officer position.

We ended the meeting deciding that the next Wednesday, Nov. 18th, would be an A&S meeting.