2015 12 30: Weekly Meeting

posted Jan 1, 2016, 7:33 AM by Freydis Egilsdottir   [ updated Feb 24, 2016, 9:34 AM by Mikhail H- ]
Last one of the year! For the next one, on January 6th, we'll be in the community room at the Greenwood Sobey's. This one was at the Heimdallsons so we could continue with armouring.

This was a very productive meeting! Five adults, four kids in attendance. Ulrich presented both Alvena and Karl with their very own longbows, which was incredibly kind of him. Apparently there's an archery club on the base here that meets on Saturdays; we will have to check them out.

Downstairs, Mikhail, Ulrich, Almaric, and Olivia cut out three and a half pairs of knees (so pieces for seven knees in total), and finished the edges, which is excellent. Saturday people are returning to dish and assemble them for a casual armouring session at House Ravenspeak. The goal, as several people need complete kits, is to take one piece at a time and get it made for everyone; we're starting with the simpler items to build skills as we go.

Mikhail showed his finished leg harness, and restored arm.

Upstairs, Olivia worked on dresses for the girls, and Freydis worked on Mikhail's gambeson, which is taking longer than she anticipated due to a new and complicated elbow pattern (which does at least seem to work well). We discussed plans for the camping event at Ulrich's and Olivia's this summer, and site prep and layout. We are getting pretty excited about it!

We also discussed the device in more detail, and think we've come up with something workable:

Ulrich has finished his Norse shoes; he says they are extremely comfortable. He found the soles a bit thin so he cut out a second layer and inserted it, along with a thick piece of felted wool, trimmed to come up the sides a bit to take up a little slack in the shoe. He also made a bit of arch support from more felted wool (it's about a centimetre thick, uncompressed; Olivia makes it), which he says works very well. The one issue with medieval shoes is the lack of arch support, which, depending on your feet, can be particularly felt when standing a lot or carrying a lot of weight (such as wearing a chain mail shirt), so if you feel your shoes would also benefit from arch support, talk to him about his design.

Olivia learned some exercises with a stick from Mikhail and will practise them to develop muscle memory while equipment is built. The rattan should be here fairly soon.

Also, Freydis will be ordering trim from Calontir Trim this Saturday (Jan. 2nd) so if you want to add to the order and split the $20 flat-rate shipping with us, put your order into the Arts & Sciences thread by tomorrow (Saturday) morning.