2015 11 29: Sewing Circle

posted Nov 29, 2015, 6:05 PM by Freydis Egilsdottir   [ updated Feb 24, 2016, 9:41 AM by Mikhail H- ]
The sewing circle at Ulrich's place went very well. Six adults, four kids in attendance. Freydis was able to complete a new pair of trews (Norse pants) for Karl but accidentally short-changed herself on his tunic fabric (which she says is traditional). Lady Valonia finished up a project with some handwork (more on it later), and Lord Almaric got a lovely new tunic made for Drake, which just needs a bit of trim to complete.

Ulrich and Katrin, meanwhile, made good headway on a tunic for him as well, along with a huge stack of very tasty potato pancakes and some delicious barley soup, which was much appreciated and enjoyed by all.

Mikhail showed off his shield blanks, one of which already has edging (courtesy of Ulrich), a handle, and has been stained; Katrin had an opportunity to try them out to see if she wants to use a round. She will give Almaric's heater a try this upcoming Wednesday evening (which, incidentally, with be at House Ravenspeak with the Heimdallsons, as Maeve is expected to have the new baby in hand (instead of in tummy) by then and may appreciate not having us all tromping around the house right away, heh).

Ulrich gave Mikhail a tour of the camping field (which he then showed to Almaric later when he arrived), and all agreed that it is an excellent location for a camping event, nice and level, with drive-up access, which will be deeply appreciated by all. Ulrich has okayed the construction of a fire pit and suggested mowing it to keep the Spring ticks down, so I expect we will be having a few work parties there once the snow melts in the Spring, which will be fun.

Our upcoming December feast was discussed; activities beyond the feast itself will include Bardic and dancing. We will try to learn a dance as a group, and anyone who wishes to take a turn at Bardic (anything performance-related, usually singing, reciting, telling a story, or playing an instrument) will have an opportunity to do so, so start brushing up now!

It was suggested that the Baron and Baroness be invited to it, but it was then pointed out that our practise feast won't actually be much use as an opportunity to practise our polite manners ahead of time before we feast with the pointy hats, if we invite the pointy hats to it. *Grin*

Mikhail also mentioned a dearth of knees in the loaner armour bits at the Baronial fighting practises, and suggested that we do up three pairs as a gift to the Barony for Twelfth Night. They're cheap and easy to make, we have the patterns, and we all think they will very much appreciate them and get use out of them. Freydis suggested making a tourney chest to bring them along with (honestly, she's been obsessed with making them recently), and Ulrich suggested an accompanying bottle of beer or wine for Kenan for so graciously picking up supplies from the Tandy leather sale at the end of the week for us. That sort of devolved into a discussion of the handling of spirits at events, and whether liquor (as opposed to wine/beer/mead) was period.

It was mentioned once again that we should try to each enter the Twelfth Night A&S competition, but under no circumstances should we win, because the winner is in charge of the Baronial A&S for the next year, which might be a bit much to do from this distance. But, yes, definitely go ahead and enter, heh. Although it sounds like some of us may be aiming to enter next year as it is kind of short notice for this year. But several of us are going to give it the old college--er, stronghold  try! And you should, too.

We haven't pinned down a time for a camping event at Ulrich's place yet as he's suggesting mid-June or later to avoid ticks (the snow isn't reliably gone until the end of May anyways, although they say that if we get cold we can always come and crash inside). It sounds like the camping event in New Brunswick is the May long weekend, and that will probably be the first camping event of the year for us. There is apparently another one at the end of June (usually either the Canada Day long weekend or, if Canada Day is in the middle of the week, the weekend before), but I can't remember where it is. I will update this once I get that info. So we may be looking at something in July at Ulrich's, but meanwhile that will give us time to get the site prepped nicely.

The next meeting will be this Wednesday at the Heimdallson's, where we will learn to make period shoes. If you want a pair, bring a sock you don't mind ruining, a roll of duct tape, and an empty cereal box for the pattern (although Freydis says she has cereal box if you need it). Also bring a rough idea (a pic would be ideal) of what you want your shoes to look like. We will get the custom patterns made; you will need leather to finish the construction.