2015 11 25: Fighting Practise

posted Nov 25, 2015, 6:25 PM by Freydis Egilsdottir   [ updated Feb 24, 2016, 9:41 AM by Mikhail H- ]
Fighting practise went well. It was held at Almaric's house, which is well-lit outside for dark winter evenings. The practise started off with a chilly but enthusiastic fencing bout. After that, Mikhail brought out several shield blanks for centre-boss rounds he'd just cut out, and started to show Almaric the basics of heavy fighting with a round. Freydis taped the instruction but like an idiot had her finger over the mike so it's super quiet, I'm afraid (I can say that because it's me, heh). Still, we've uploaded it to YouTube and shared the link privately in the Forums.

Inside, Maeve and Freydis (joined by Maeve's visiting parents, and shortly thereafter Mikhail, who was getting chilly in the cold night standing around watching the fencers) discussed garb for Maeve and children, and locating period trim online, until the fencing component of the evening ended and Freydis and Mikhail rejoined Almaric, with Freydis videotaping. Period materials as well as dress design was touched upon.

It was decided that it was a shame to split up the meetings between separate fighting and A&S nights, when right now especially, when the fighters are pretty much all building their equipment as well as actually practising fighting, there is so much overlap between the two. It was generally agreed that, while it might be needed at some point in the future when there are enough people coming out for just one or the other to justify the split, for now, leaving Monday nights to the baronial fighting practise in Halifax, and having the local Wednesday meetings just be for "whatever," whether that would be fighting or A&S discussions or just hanging out and socializing, really did seem to be working the best (since that was pretty much what is happening now anyways).

Once again, holding the weekly meetings in the community room at Sobey's (potentially a more welcoming place than a stranger's house for someone new to the group) was discussed; Almaric says he is waiting to be contacted back by the person in charge. Freydis reported seeing classes scheduled for Wednesday afternoons, but that the evenings were clear.

An order was placed with someone in Ruantallan who will be hitting up Tandy's Black Friday sale tomorrow morning.

Next Wednesday's meeting with be a general interest meeting, as they usually are.