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2015: Annual Archive

This is the archive for all the events and meetings we had listed here in 2015. Please select which entry you would like to view below.

Stronghold Christmas Feast
Picture from Event: Stronghold Christmas Feast.

2015 12 30: Weekly Meeting

posted Jan 1, 2016, 7:33 AM by Freydis Egilsdottir   [ updated Feb 24, 2016, 9:34 AM by Mikhail H- ]

Last one of the year! For the next one, on January 6th, we'll be in the community room at the Greenwood Sobey's. This one was at the Heimdallsons so we could continue with armouring.

This was a very productive meeting! Five adults, four kids in attendance. Ulrich presented both Alvena and Karl with their very own longbows, which was incredibly kind of him. Apparently there's an archery club on the base here that meets on Saturdays; we will have to check them out.

Downstairs, Mikhail, Ulrich, Almaric, and Olivia cut out three and a half pairs of knees (so pieces for seven knees in total), and finished the edges, which is excellent. Saturday people are returning to dish and assemble them for a casual armouring session at House Ravenspeak. The goal, as several people need complete kits, is to take one piece at a time and get it made for everyone; we're starting with the simpler items to build skills as we go.

Mikhail showed his finished leg harness, and restored arm.

Upstairs, Olivia worked on dresses for the girls, and Freydis worked on Mikhail's gambeson, which is taking longer than she anticipated due to a new and complicated elbow pattern (which does at least seem to work well). We discussed plans for the camping event at Ulrich's and Olivia's this summer, and site prep and layout. We are getting pretty excited about it!

We also discussed the device in more detail, and think we've come up with something workable:

Ulrich has finished his Norse shoes; he says they are extremely comfortable. He found the soles a bit thin so he cut out a second layer and inserted it, along with a thick piece of felted wool, trimmed to come up the sides a bit to take up a little slack in the shoe. He also made a bit of arch support from more felted wool (it's about a centimetre thick, uncompressed; Olivia makes it), which he says works very well. The one issue with medieval shoes is the lack of arch support, which, depending on your feet, can be particularly felt when standing a lot or carrying a lot of weight (such as wearing a chain mail shirt), so if you feel your shoes would also benefit from arch support, talk to him about his design.

Olivia learned some exercises with a stick from Mikhail and will practise them to develop muscle memory while equipment is built. The rattan should be here fairly soon.

Also, Freydis will be ordering trim from Calontir Trim this Saturday (Jan. 2nd) so if you want to add to the order and split the $20 flat-rate shipping with us, put your order into the Arts & Sciences thread by tomorrow (Saturday) morning.

2015 12 19: Event: Stronghold Christmas Feast

posted Dec 19, 2015, 6:51 PM by Freydis Egilsdottir   [ updated Feb 24, 2016, 9:35 AM by Mikhail H- ]

Tonight was the stronghold's first event, our Christmas feast, and a roaring success! Nine adults and six kids, including travellers from the Stronghold's furthest reaches. Good to see you again!

We met at Ulrich's toasty warm home on a blustery December day on the North Mountain. The stronghold now has tablecloths, held in custody at his home, since he's got the big table. Between the main table, an additional one against it, and a round one set up for the kids, we just managed to seat everyone at once. Good thing Bran is still a babe in arms!

Mead, wine (Ulrich's delicious home-made), beer, rum, several types of apple juice, and what I am told (and believe) is the best water in Nova Scotia were produced, and the board was swiftly set with a multitude of candlesticks, candelabra,  lanterns, and many, many games. Two boards of Hnaftafl, Nine Man's Morris, Tablero de Gucci (a popular drinking game in An Tir, but provided here as well with plastic "gems" in place of the more traditional shot glasses so non-drinkers could also play), and another one that I don't know the name of, but Karl assures me is fun.

Banners were brought forth to lend a medieval air; we will have to make banner stands at some point fairly soon. Materials for that were discussed. Also, Ulrich has made another bow, to hardly anyone's surprise; the man is a machine. A bow-making, shoe-sewing machine, heh. Well done.

Lord Almaric produced a great quantity of "gold coins", with nearly as much again coming from House Ravenspeak, and announced a tournament: Each competitor would start with a given number of gold coins. As the start of each game, opponents would wager a coin or two on who would win; the winner would get the coin(s). At the end of the night, the person with the most coins would win a very lovely belt pouch Almaric had just finished.

When bardic began after dinner it was expanded so that performers could also be rewarded in coins.

Mikhail brought along his completed knee for Olivia to try out; Ulrich shared some "Future" floor polish for him to take home to test with. The demonstration Ulrich gave at the end of the evening looks promising as a way of stopping rust on armour that won't come off when hit.

He also showed off two metal spoons he made today for the feast, out of bar stock and dished sheet metal, but said they were too much work to produce for sale as Valonia graciously suggested. Once he gets the forge set up, though, he says forged feast gear for sale is a distinct probability; it will be much faster and easier, as well as being able to make them more decorative.

Just before the meal itself began, our Mistress of Arts and Sciences, Lady Valonia, made a presentation to the newest member of the stronghold (and his parents) of a very lovely little tunic and cap she had made, based on a design Freydis had made for Alvena when she was a baby. Big brother Drake got a wooden horse made by Freydis. It was well-timed; Maeve mentioned earlier at the feast that she had tried to dress Bran in an old tunic of Drake's, but that it had been too big. "Oh, gee, that's too bad, heh heh heh..."

It is made of cotton and trimmed in Almaric and Maeve's colours; more pictures will follow under the Arts & Sciences Projects section shortly.

The feast itself was fantastic. Lots of food for everyone. Lots of food. Lots of leftovers. You know that thing where for your feast contribution, you bring enough for twenty people to have some? Now, imagine fifteen people doing that, but with only fifteen people to eat the results, ha ha ha.

Do you know, there was also a pot of barley soup? Man, we would have popped.

This isn't even half of it. There was also a delicious fish pastry, and meatballs, a red cabbage salad, a pork roast... plus stewed apples with currants and a sauce and tiny galleon tarts for dessert! Plus no doubt other things I have forgotten. A wonderful spread!

Once the first edge had been taken off our appetites, Mikhail proposed that, since almost all of the stronghold's members where gathered together, including some from far afield, it would be a good time to discuss a name for the group.

If you have access to the forums on the website then you have seen the discussions and suggestions so far. They were summed up, and it was decided that the name we would put in for would be "Huginnsdalr", which is "The valley of Hugin" in Old Norse, and appropriate considering the stronghold's location in the Annapolis Valley, and CFB Greenwood's internationally-recognized expertise in long-range surveillance and information-gathering, thanks to our giant Aurora airplanes.

Once bellies were full, it was time to turn to entertainment. Alvena and Karl led off, with a delightful Norse ditty, and were duly awarded a few more coins. Almaric sang a lovely song about a love triangle between a lady, her husband, and the jester; and Ulrich's girls sang a lovely song which they accompanied on a guitar. Mikhail and Freydis also sang a few songs, and Mikhail performed his hnaftafl-board-winning rendition of "The Lay of Hogni". It was suggested that we try to perform something at Twelfth Night, and it sounds like that may be either "Gypsy Rover" or "Rose Red".

The night wound down as our furthest travellers and those with the youngest children bade their farewells and departed, but the rest talked for a while as the wind and what Ulrich assured us definitely was not the ghost of a dead child rattled the venting as the bluster outside thought about building to a storm. Designs for a banner and some kind of tabletop stronghold ...something, some way of marking where we were all sitting at Baronial feasts were discussed. The kids were still going strong but the adults were definitely feeling the hour as feast gear, candles, banners, and a lot of leftovers were slowly packed up.

In the end, the winner of the belt pouch was Karl of House Ravenspeak, who displayed an unexpected aptitude at hnaftafl. Well done, Karl!

All in all, a good end to a very good night!

Drake learns Hnaftafl.

"Your move..."

Freydis insists plastic gems are an acceptable substitute for alcohol for Tablero. The rest don't quite buy it, apparently.

"So here's the twenty bucks we owe you, Ulrich. No, those coins are totally real, heh heh heh..."

"Daddy can keep his silly coins; I'm taking all his game pieces."

"See, Karl, that's how you play Hnaftafl. Now go and win all of the coins."

A well-laid table covered in loot, backed by Almaric's banner, frames an absorbing conversation. About loot. And banners.

Merry Christmas, pending incipient Stronghold of Huginnsdalr!

Note: All of these pictures were taken by Maeve, who graciously shared them. If anyone else has any pictures from the feast, send them to me (Freydis) and I'll add them in!

2015 12 16: Weekly Meeting

posted Dec 16, 2015, 6:17 PM by Freydis Egilsdottir   [ updated Feb 24, 2016, 9:38 AM by Mikhail H- ]

At Almaric's house; we all got to see baby Bran! What a cutie.

Five adults, five kids (six if you count Bran, the first time the kids have outnumbered the adults!). Maeve worked on Drake's new tunic; Ulrich worked on shoes and showed off a very nice pouch and clever little sewing kit he had made; also worked on was Mikhail's gambeson (Freydis discussed seam tips which she will detail in the forums under the Armouring for Heavy Combat thread); Karl's new tunic; and token-holding, kid-labelling favours for Karl and Alvena. Mikhail showed off his completed knee; Ulrich suggested a particular protective coating over the matte black primer on there (floor polish) which apparently is very good at giving a durable wet look; Mikhail will bring a test piece to the feast on Saturday to give it a try.

Oh, yes, and Lord Almaric and Maeve made a tiny human being, which they claim to be able to document as a period piece. Heh.

It was agreed to start having armouring workshops in the new year at House Ravenspeak, Mikhail and Freydis's place, to work on building armour bits (probably starting with knees all round, as they are quick, easy, and forgiving to work on); the goal is to get everyone armoured up with enough leeway before the camping event at the end of May that we have a chance to find and make needed adjustments. These will probably be on Saturdays, as needed.

The Barony of Ruantallan, meanwhile, having seen what an awesome day Wednesdays, named for the Norse god of war, Odin, are for fighting practise, decided to follow our lead and will be holding their fighting practise on Wednesdays (same Bat-time, same Bat-station) starting January 6th. I don't know if they will also be holding their Monday practise that week on the 4th but I assume not.

Musical instruments were also discussed; it sounds like there may be interest in making some (most likely stringed), but the general attitude seemed to be "Yes, fine, great fun--after Twelfth Night!"

There was also a lot of discussion of leather. We have steel and packing blankets sourced and procured for armouring; what we lack is leather for shoes, pouches and purses, and straps for armour, although some is on its way. "Ikea shoes" kits were suggested; complete kits for making medieval shoes, a la Tandy's moccasin kits. And if you want instructions on making leather toggles, see the Arts & Sciences thread, the posting about new info on Norse shoes; there's a couple of videos showing how to do it there.

See you all on Saturday at Ulrich's for the feast!

2015 12 09: Weekly Meeting

posted Dec 9, 2015, 5:54 PM by Freydis Egilsdottir   [ updated Feb 24, 2016, 9:39 AM by Mikhail H- ]

Held at House Ravenspeak with the Heimdallsons; six adults and four children attended. Shoes, tunics, and favours were worked on upstairs, while downstairs Mikhail made a fluting jig and showed off the knees he had welded up. Katrin took a break from sewing to try out Almaric's heater shield; sounds like the round is more her style. Mikhail will make her one. Valonia worked on her shoes, and, it ends up, already has a stitching awl, a very useful tool, with a full spindle of waxed cotton in it! Quite the find. Freydis (who loves them) showed her how to set it up. Ulrich shaped more bows (he a regular factory, that man), while Almaric glued up a wooden gameboard and drank a congratulatory beer; the soon-to-be-incipient Stronghold's newest member, Bran, was born on Friday!

Freydis provided a small wooden chest left over from Alvena's birthday party and a slot was carefully cut into the lid. Ulrich as the Exchequer took it home after we passed it around (only to find that unplanned-for loose change isn't really a thing anymore, heh) and will finish the raw wood of what is now the Stronghold's strongbox! "Alms for the poor" will now be collected at each meeting to try and raise some funds; the box will of course be at the feast as well, so try to bring a few coins. :)

It sounds like the feast will be well-attended! Those of us with extra will try to bring what miscellaneous feast gear bits we have lying around along, as well as extra candles and holders.

Congratulations to the new parents, and see you all next week!

2015 12 02: Weekly Meeting

posted Dec 3, 2015, 8:35 AM by Freydis Egilsdottir   [ updated Feb 24, 2016, 9:40 AM by Mikhail H- ]

A decent turnout for the shoe-making workshop: seven adults and four kids, including a visitor, Garth Lescaudron, from Seashire, who had a very nice pair of Norse shoes already but who wanted to replace them.

We made duct-tape patterns for Valonia, Ulrich, his kids, and my two kids. I provided a hand-out to show how to make the shoe once the pattern was in hand (I've attached a copy of it here for anyone else who's interested). Once we have leather we can progress to the fun stage of sewing them up, either as a group or individually.

Ulrich also brought along the bow he made; pictures will be in the Projects page shortly!

Mikhail, Almaric, and Ulrich discussed metal sources and needs for armouring. Mikhail showed off Ulrich's dishing stump, which now has a dishing bowl carved into the top. Mikhail has already made a couple of knees on it, which he showed and discussed.

Almaric has managed to secure us the Community Room in the Greenwood Sobey's for the first and third Wednesdays of each month, starting in January (same time). Please note that Feb. 17 will be at another location, the same as the off-weeks, probably someone's living room. We may be able to get the room for each week starting April; we will know once they do up the schedule for the new fiscal year at the end of March.

Two more weekly meetings before Christmas! Well, our Christmas feast, anyways. :D

2015 11 29: Sewing Circle

posted Nov 29, 2015, 6:05 PM by Freydis Egilsdottir   [ updated Feb 24, 2016, 9:41 AM by Mikhail H- ]

The sewing circle at Ulrich's place went very well. Six adults, four kids in attendance. Freydis was able to complete a new pair of trews (Norse pants) for Karl but accidentally short-changed herself on his tunic fabric (which she says is traditional). Lady Valonia finished up a project with some handwork (more on it later), and Lord Almaric got a lovely new tunic made for Drake, which just needs a bit of trim to complete.

Ulrich and Katrin, meanwhile, made good headway on a tunic for him as well, along with a huge stack of very tasty potato pancakes and some delicious barley soup, which was much appreciated and enjoyed by all.

Mikhail showed off his shield blanks, one of which already has edging (courtesy of Ulrich), a handle, and has been stained; Katrin had an opportunity to try them out to see if she wants to use a round. She will give Almaric's heater a try this upcoming Wednesday evening (which, incidentally, with be at House Ravenspeak with the Heimdallsons, as Maeve is expected to have the new baby in hand (instead of in tummy) by then and may appreciate not having us all tromping around the house right away, heh).

Ulrich gave Mikhail a tour of the camping field (which he then showed to Almaric later when he arrived), and all agreed that it is an excellent location for a camping event, nice and level, with drive-up access, which will be deeply appreciated by all. Ulrich has okayed the construction of a fire pit and suggested mowing it to keep the Spring ticks down, so I expect we will be having a few work parties there once the snow melts in the Spring, which will be fun.

Our upcoming December feast was discussed; activities beyond the feast itself will include Bardic and dancing. We will try to learn a dance as a group, and anyone who wishes to take a turn at Bardic (anything performance-related, usually singing, reciting, telling a story, or playing an instrument) will have an opportunity to do so, so start brushing up now!

It was suggested that the Baron and Baroness be invited to it, but it was then pointed out that our practise feast won't actually be much use as an opportunity to practise our polite manners ahead of time before we feast with the pointy hats, if we invite the pointy hats to it. *Grin*

Mikhail also mentioned a dearth of knees in the loaner armour bits at the Baronial fighting practises, and suggested that we do up three pairs as a gift to the Barony for Twelfth Night. They're cheap and easy to make, we have the patterns, and we all think they will very much appreciate them and get use out of them. Freydis suggested making a tourney chest to bring them along with (honestly, she's been obsessed with making them recently), and Ulrich suggested an accompanying bottle of beer or wine for Kenan for so graciously picking up supplies from the Tandy leather sale at the end of the week for us. That sort of devolved into a discussion of the handling of spirits at events, and whether liquor (as opposed to wine/beer/mead) was period.

It was mentioned once again that we should try to each enter the Twelfth Night A&S competition, but under no circumstances should we win, because the winner is in charge of the Baronial A&S for the next year, which might be a bit much to do from this distance. But, yes, definitely go ahead and enter, heh. Although it sounds like some of us may be aiming to enter next year as it is kind of short notice for this year. But several of us are going to give it the old college--er, stronghold  try! And you should, too.

We haven't pinned down a time for a camping event at Ulrich's place yet as he's suggesting mid-June or later to avoid ticks (the snow isn't reliably gone until the end of May anyways, although they say that if we get cold we can always come and crash inside). It sounds like the camping event in New Brunswick is the May long weekend, and that will probably be the first camping event of the year for us. There is apparently another one at the end of June (usually either the Canada Day long weekend or, if Canada Day is in the middle of the week, the weekend before), but I can't remember where it is. I will update this once I get that info. So we may be looking at something in July at Ulrich's, but meanwhile that will give us time to get the site prepped nicely.

The next meeting will be this Wednesday at the Heimdallson's, where we will learn to make period shoes. If you want a pair, bring a sock you don't mind ruining, a roll of duct tape, and an empty cereal box for the pattern (although Freydis says she has cereal box if you need it). Also bring a rough idea (a pic would be ideal) of what you want your shoes to look like. We will get the custom patterns made; you will need leather to finish the construction.

2015 11 25: Fighting Practise

posted Nov 25, 2015, 6:25 PM by Freydis Egilsdottir   [ updated Feb 24, 2016, 9:41 AM by Mikhail H- ]

Fighting practise went well. It was held at Almaric's house, which is well-lit outside for dark winter evenings. The practise started off with a chilly but enthusiastic fencing bout. After that, Mikhail brought out several shield blanks for centre-boss rounds he'd just cut out, and started to show Almaric the basics of heavy fighting with a round. Freydis taped the instruction but like an idiot had her finger over the mike so it's super quiet, I'm afraid (I can say that because it's me, heh). Still, we've uploaded it to YouTube and shared the link privately in the Forums.

Inside, Maeve and Freydis (joined by Maeve's visiting parents, and shortly thereafter Mikhail, who was getting chilly in the cold night standing around watching the fencers) discussed garb for Maeve and children, and locating period trim online, until the fencing component of the evening ended and Freydis and Mikhail rejoined Almaric, with Freydis videotaping. Period materials as well as dress design was touched upon.

It was decided that it was a shame to split up the meetings between separate fighting and A&S nights, when right now especially, when the fighters are pretty much all building their equipment as well as actually practising fighting, there is so much overlap between the two. It was generally agreed that, while it might be needed at some point in the future when there are enough people coming out for just one or the other to justify the split, for now, leaving Monday nights to the baronial fighting practise in Halifax, and having the local Wednesday meetings just be for "whatever," whether that would be fighting or A&S discussions or just hanging out and socializing, really did seem to be working the best (since that was pretty much what is happening now anyways).

Once again, holding the weekly meetings in the community room at Sobey's (potentially a more welcoming place than a stranger's house for someone new to the group) was discussed; Almaric says he is waiting to be contacted back by the person in charge. Freydis reported seeing classes scheduled for Wednesday afternoons, but that the evenings were clear.

An order was placed with someone in Ruantallan who will be hitting up Tandy's Black Friday sale tomorrow morning.

Next Wednesday's meeting with be a general interest meeting, as they usually are.

2015 11 23: Fighting Practise, Halifax

posted Nov 23, 2015, 8:36 PM by Freydis Egilsdottir   [ updated Feb 24, 2016, 9:43 AM by Mikhail H- ]

Almaric and Mikhail went down to the centre of Ruantallan this evening to the weekly fighting practise in Halifax, in order to acquire rattan for swords, meet the local fighters and marshals, and investigate getting authorized as marshals themselves, Almaric already in the process of becoming a marshal for fence and Mikhail having been a senior marshal for many years back in An Tir when he was playing there.

An order was made for two pieces of rattan, one of which is slated to become either a pole arm or a marshalling staff, the other for two to three swords (depending on length). Mikhail was unable to immediately get his marshalling authorization (as was Almaric) but the process was started. Mikhail and the Baronial Seneschal, Sir Gareth, will follow up with each other online.

Mikhail was also asked to demonstrate his marshalling skills by inspecting fighters and helping the rather large influx of new fighters gear up. Hal-con aroused a great deal of interest, he was told. That took up most of his time there.

All in all it seems to have been a success, although with the late return on a work night, Mikhail does say he won't be able to do it as a regular thing, much to his regret; aside from anything else it means it will take that much longer to become a full marshal as the process happens over many practises.

Incidentally, Tandy Leather (who now give discounts to SCA members) had a Black Friday flyer there (this Thursday and Friday only) which is showing hide shoulders for a very good price, although they are expected to disappear very quickly. Might be worth checking the sale out though if you are in need of their supplies. But get there early. ;)

2015 11 18: Arts and Sciences Meeting

posted Nov 23, 2015, 8:20 PM by Freydis Egilsdottir   [ updated Feb 24, 2016, 9:43 AM by Mikhail H- ]

Normally this would have been held at Lord Almaric's home but due to renovations it was relocated to Mikhail and Freydis's home instead.

Seven adults attended, with six children. Mikhail gave a tour of his workshop in the basement and we discussed what projects people wanted to work on in the near future. It was agreed that some form of group shelter would be good; Almaric volunteered some cloth he had for it. He will measure it out and let us know how much there is of it.

Also Mikhail and Freydis's armour bits were pulled out and tried on; several armouring bits were shown including gauntlets for lady fighters (or gentlemen with very small hands), as well as shield bosses for Norse round shields. It was decided that the first armouring projects for new fighters would be to make shields and swords so slow work could begin as it isn't the same to do the motions without the equipment in hand.

A lot of people wanted to make garb, several not having any yet, so it was decided that a group goal would be to get everyone into at least one set of garb for Baronial Twelfth Night in the middle of January.

Our Arts and Sciences Mistress also suggested that, as Twelfth Night is an A&S competition, we each try to have an entry in it. This was met with acclaim.

Several books with decent pictures of Medieval garb were brought forth to aid in choosing periods for some people and perused with interest.

It was agreed that some sort of sewing bee ought to happen soon. It was also suggested that it would be fun to have a Stronghold Christmas feast, say around mid-December, both as a fun social activity, and also in order to give our feast garb, feast gear, and feast manners a dress rehearsal before Twelfth Night. Ulrich and his lady volunteered their home in Berwick, saying they had a table that could seat twelve. This was also met with acclaim.

2015 11 09: Weekly Meeting

posted Nov 23, 2015, 8:07 PM by Freydis Egilsdottir   [ updated Feb 24, 2016, 9:44 AM by Mikhail H- ]

This is the place to find out what happened at meetings and events. A quick summary will be posted here after each one.

To start, this is the summary for the weekly meeting on Monday, November 9th, at Lord Almaric's house.

Seven adults attended, along with five children. There was a discussion of fighting, who was interested in what styles, what equipment people needed, that sort of thing. Upstairs, garb was the primary topic of discussion until the fighters joined us.

Once we were all together (save for one good gentle who unfortunately had to leave early), we had a very profitable discussion about creating the new Annapolis Valley group. It was agreed that, having several military members, the best type of group for us would be to become a Stronghold, which allows the group to simply go dormant if too many members are posted away, rather than being forced to dissolve if membership drops below a certain level, as shires are. However, it was agreed to also look to gain a strong base of civilians to help keep the group active and lend a sense of continuity as military members post in and out.

Demos were discussed as a way of attracting newcomers.

We also selected our first officers as we need to have them in place in order to become an incipient Stronghold (which is our first goal as a group):

Seneschal: Lord Almaric de la Croix
Exchequer: Ulrich von Spandau
Chatelaine: Maeve Mac Gille Eath-Hain
Mistress of Arts & Sciences: Lady Valonia Mac Maghan
Marshal (pending): Lord Mikhail Heimdallson

We will also need a name for our Stronghold in order to submit the paperwork to become official (or at least to get the lengthy process started). General ideas were discussed but nothing decided upon yet; it is a name we will have to live with for some time so it is worth taking some time over. A former college in Wolfsville was mentioned, since dissolved; it was created, went dormant, and twice attempted to be revived but both times failed. It was decided to create a new name for this group. It was suggested that some sort of contest be held but no details worked out; the prize will likely be bragging rights.

We also decided to move the weekly meeting from Mondays to Wednesdays, both to allow Ulrich's lady to also attend, and to allow the Stronghold populace to travel to Halifax for the fighting practises there on Mondays if needed; this is the only place to get rattan right now, and is the official fighting practise in the area; until we get local marshals anything we do here is strictly unofficial.

It was decided to alternate Wednesday nights as Arts & Sciences nights and fighting (both practising and building equipment as needed); see the Calendar to see which week it is.

Mikhail and Freydis agreed to put up a website for the group (this is it) and act as admins under the agreement that administrating it not be an official, officer position.

We ended the meeting deciding that the next Wednesday, Nov. 18th, would be an A&S meeting.

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