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Useful Retailers

These are sites and businesses with products that we might find useful. We have no affiliation with any of them. If you have a link you'd like to have added, just let me know here in the comments, or in the forums under "Suggested Links".

Online Retailers:

Raymond's Quiet Press. Museum-quality replicas from all sorts of periods and cultures, with an emphasis on Norse/Western Europe (Celtic, Roman, Frankish, Saxon, Viking, Norman, and 12th-17th Centuries, as well as Eastern (Persian and Mongol)) and SCA-specific items like Laurel medallions.

Viking Shield. They specialize in the one era, but they have a lot of good jewelry (selection can vary) with very good prices, along with some other bits and bobs, from armour bits and weaponry through clothing to drinking horns and other feast gear bits.

Armamentarium Online store in Germany; click the British flag in the upper right corner for English. Sells everything from weaponry and armour to garb to feast gear to camp furniture.

Reenactorsworld (Landsknechtsrotte) The site is in German. They sell mainly garb and accessories, along with feast gear and ceramics, and even a few spearheads and things.

Munitions Grade Arms llc (Master Eirik) Supplier of rattan and related accoutrements. Very good prices but will probably want a bulk order for shipping to Canada.

Historic Enterprises They have quite an assortment of items, from clothing through feast gear (the usual stuff) through horse armour, barding, and Medieval saddles. Of particular interest may be their Medieval spices, little clay ointment pots, and collection of Crusader/pilgrim badges.

Billy and Charlie's  Speaking of pilgrim badges, if your persona went on a pilgrimage, whether to Jerusalem, Rome, or just one of the local shrines, they would have purchased a small lead or tin token as proof, and sewn it to their hat, cloak, or affixed it to their walking staff. Billy and Charlie's has a wide selection of carefully-researched replicas, most (at the time of this posting in early 2017) in the $4-$7 range, as well as other helpful items like replica whistles and spoons.

The Pillaged Village   I remember these guys from the annual (and huge) Clinton War in An Tir. I draw your attention in particular to their trim and buttons. If you are looking for Medieval trim, these guys are a great source who even have some custom designs specifically for the SCA and other Medieval reenactors. Their shipping costs to Canada are better than most I've seen online as well, although you will probably want to order in bulk to truly make it worth it.

Calontir Trim   A fantastic selection of trim, including a lot of trim based on SCA heraldry, including trim for various kingdoms (including East!) and several types of officers, plus chirurgeon, water-bearers, etc. A very good selection of knotwork trims as well as later period stuff. Has a flat rate to ship to Canada, though, so order in bulk.

The Trim Goddess   This Etsy retailer has a lot of woven and jacquard trim, including Celtic knotwork.

Leatherworking Tools can be had for very cheap at Search for "leather tools" or click on the link. Bonus: Free shipping.

Reconstructing History  Has a variety of patterns available, including for Medieval and Renaissance periods, plus specific cultures: Persian, Turkish, Scottish, Irish, Japanese, etc. Packages can be bought with patterns for complete period outfits, as well as for single items such as doublets.

Grimfrost Has assorted bone combs; Norse grooming tools (including ear scoops and tweezers) in both iron and bronze; Norse beard beads... Also a wide variety of other things (mostly Norse-related), from drinking horns (carved and plain) through feast gear (including hand-forged cork screws and bottle openers!) and weapons to jewellery (they made several pieces for the TV show "The Vikings") and "Viking in Training baby onsies. Definitely worth a poke around if you're a Norse persona (or trade with them)! Bonus: their prices are pretty decent, too.

Zen Warrior Armory  "Zen Warrior provides a complete line of weapons, fencing armor, and fencing protection equipment for both heavy and light weapon fighters. All equipment listed here is, TO THE BEST OF OUR KNOWLEDGE,  SCA legal unless specifically noted otherwise. As individual kingdoms may further restrict the SCA minimums, we strongly suggest that you check with your kingdom marshal before you purchase."

Historical Glassworks 
"We are a company whose main focus is on Historical Glass as well as fine decorative craft. Often, through objects in history, we can tell quite a bit about the people from those times. What those people valued and how they lived can often be seen in the glass that they used." Has a fine selection of beakers, glass lamps, and other glass items, organized by period and culture. Sadly, while one can order online there aren't prices listed; but I assume one can get a response fairly quickly from their Facebook page.

Sartor  is an online retailer of historical fabrics who often come out to Pennsic; they research and reproduce historical silks. They also have a fabulous selection of linen. The best part, though, is the prices: They're charging the same (or less!) as I post this as what you'd pay for linen in the city, with far more colour options! You can even have them custom-weave a silk pattern if you'd like. Check them out and go drool over their historical silk brocades!

Sternedell   "A Store of our Medieval Passion" is an SCA merchant selling a few 100% linen clothes; a lot of cast pewter items including buckles, buttons, and pilgrim badges; and metal-look cast rubber pommels and cross-guards for SCA rattan swords.

Celtic WebMerchant  "Your one-stop history supplier" lives up to its name, with everything from jewellery and garb and shoes, through pouches, replica coins, actual and toy weaponry (and a surprisingly large selection of period toy helmets and swords!) to tents, furniture, riveted cauldrons, ceramic pots, Roman stoves, and more.

All Best Stuff  has surprisingly good prices on chain mail (including riveted!), and gambesons. They also have Medieval shoes for good prices, which are getting good reviews. No idea about the quality of the armour; but the prices are excellent, and the shipping for anything over 15 lbs is weight-based, rather than a flat fee. Watch for the gauge; they have a variety and some are not thick enough for SCA combat.

Reannag Teine has some truly lovely, historically-based clay work for all your beautifully-decorated feast gear needs, from Norse tumblers to Italian plates. Gorgeous!

Local Retailers:

Soapstone Nova Scotia   These guys sell several varieties/colours of soapstone (which is soft enough to carve by hand very easily; the Norse used it for everything from game pieces to spindle whorls to lamps to pots; it also is excellent for casting moulds) and are just around the corner in Kingston! No shipping!

Hoyt's Moving and Storage at 193 Marshall St, Middleton, NS ((902) 825-6434) sometimes have packing blankets for sale for $10 each, no tax, cash only. Call them to find out if they've got any; it's a good price on gambeson material.

Classic Hobbies in Middleton (just east of the Tim's) has a very good selection of beads, buttons, and jewelry findings. Plus, she also has a little trim and says if we find one we like online, if we email her a picture she will check her suppliers and see if she can get it for us (with the caveat that if she special orders one in, we'd have to take the whole roll of it). They are only open part time, so check their website for hours.  The shop at the Ross Farm museum has handmade wooden barrels for sale for a very good price; I am told $25. Apparently, though, you will want to order one very soon, before the summer tourist season starts, because once the tourists start coming in, they buy them all up. They also have wooden buckets.

Dartmouth Metals  has the best prices for scrap metal that we've found so far. If you're looking for brass or copper for helmet trim, etc, start here.

Metals 'R' Us has the best prices for mild steel sheet metal for armouring that we've found in the area. In Dartmouth.

Tandy Leather has a branch in Halifax and has a decent selection of leather-working tools and supplies as well as a good range of leathers and furs. Their prices tend to be a bit steep, but you'll get the Gold discount if you tell them you're in the SCA.

Leathersmith Designs  down in Dartmouth sells leather and leatherworking supplies, including small armour-appropriate buckles for excellent prices! They also accept PayPal, and will ship via Canada Post. You can also order stuff online for in-store pick-up.