Ravensdale Birthday Bash: Landing Party

Unto His Grace, the Bishop of Canterbury: Greetings and salutations!

I seek your assistance in dealing with an incursion of Norsemen into our peaceful Valley near the seat of your holdings.

For nigh unto a year or more, they have bothered our local goodmen and goodwives, tempting the virtue of even the chastest of women with their heathen customs of combing their hair and beards every day, and bathing every Saturday, and even often changing their clothes, and other such frivolous fancies.

They insist they have come only to trade, and yet they have set their camp in the best of our fields, and pretend to not understand good English when they are told to move, or if they are told that a thing they want they cannot have.

They spend the Lord's day feasting and carousing, and lure the young men of the village to join them on their so-called trading voyages. Meanwhile, the fields go untended, and the good people of the village complain of livestock and small items of value disappearing in the night.

They now seem to be trying to establish a stronghold here, and have been speaking of a great celebration, to come a week after the next full moon, stretching over several days, from the Twenty-ninth of July, to the First of August, of this year. I am reliably told that they have been inviting their fellows to join them from as far away as Denmark, and hear they even seek to lure others of our folk from the surrounding villages to their cause. I have enclosed as an example a missive with which they tempted one of our more honest farmers, who immediately conveyed it to me, and not, he assures me, because I am the only person he knows who could read it to him.

We beg you to send such aid as you can, both of a martial sort, as they are such fierce and bold fighters that they frighten away any such Sheriffs that we can send against them, and of more gentle folk, to help bring our good people back to their proper duties.

Yours in Service,

John, Priest of Ravensdale


Sø we will be hafink a grëte parti with løts of fighting and dancing and prëtty girls and yü shoüld cøme.

Jüly 29 – Aügust 1, at 168 Hamilton Road, in Bërwick, on the North Møuntain.

Yü shoüld bring yøür tënts and armøür and swørds and bëer and kids and døgs (büt këep them øn a lëash sø they døn't eat the chickëns which are still fattening) and cøme. Wë will look før yü frøm aroünd føür of thë cløck on Frigga's Day and if we clear øüt by thrëe of the cløck on thë Moon's Day then the priest wønt catch üs.

Lët üs knøw yü can cøme bëcaüse the løngships can ønli carri anøther ëighti pëøple.

Ravensdale Birthday Bash: Landing Party

This is a camping event with heavy melee and rapier fighting; dancing; and children's activities (to be announced).

There will also be a Merchant's Row (with possibly Celtic jewelry, fresh bread and eggs, and other wonderful things that have totally not been pilfered from the local populace), so bring your goodies to sell! Please contact us in advance so we can arrange space.

Local fire restrictions will be in effect; smoking in designated areas only, please. Campfires/braziers must conform to current area fire regulations.

This is a discretely wet site.

Water is available on site but plan to bring your own drinking water as if the dry weather continues it may be limited.

There is a swimming hole on the property that we can use at our own risk. It's only about five feet deep but there's no lifeguard on duty.

Dogs are permitted but must be leashed at all times.

Quiet time from 2:00 AM to 7:00 AM, please.

Due to space restrictions we will be limiting registration to eighty people, so please use this form to register!

Ravensdalr Birthday Bash Registration


168 Hamilton: B Bash.

168 Hamilton Road, Berwick, NS.

The site opens at 4:00 PM, Friday, July 29th, and closes at 3:00 PM, Monday, August 1st, 2016.


From Highway 101, take Exit 15 and head North (away from Berwick) for 5.8 km.

Turn Left onto Brow of Mountain Road.

Turn Right onto Hamilton Road after 1.6 km.

The site is on the right after about 850 metres.


Adults (18+):

Day trip: $15

Full weekend: $25

Students/Teenagers (13-17):

Day trip: $13

Full weekend: $23

Children (6-12):

Day trip: $5

Full weekend: $15

Five and under: Free

Family cap for the weekend: $55

Family cap for a day: $25

Please note all prices are listed without $5 member discount.


Thursday- Early setup available to volunteers and on request.


- 1600 sign in and setup.


- 0830 Thrown Weapons Marshalling Class (at range)

- 1045 Heavy Armour Inspection and Melee (Coastal Raid)

- 1300 Archery Competition Pt1

- 1430 Heavy Tournament

- 1500 Classes - Inkle weaving, Dancing, Marshalling and other TBA, depending on available instructors

- 1700 Baronial Court

- 1800 Thrown Weapons Range Opens

- 2130 Night time Thrown Weapons Range Opens (BYO Glowsticks)


- 1030 Thrown Weapons Marshalling Class (at range)

- 1300 Rapier Tourney

- 1500 Thrown Weapons Range Opens

- 2130 Night time Thrown Weapons Range Opens (BYO Glowsticks)


- 1000 Classes - Inkle weaving, Dancing, Marshalling and other TBA, depending on available instructors

- 1500 Site Closes.

Schedule can change pending will of the Norns.


Lord Mikhail Heimdallson and Freydis Heimdallson

Email: BirthdayBashAutocrat@LocalSCA.com

Allessandra Francesca di Milano

Email: allessandra@bellaliant.net

Marshals in Charge:

Heavy: Baron Guthfrith Yrlingsony

Thrown weapons: Lady Fallon Hopkynes

Archery:  Sarra Graeham and Lexie Arnott