The Annapolis By Bike Eco Fun Tour offers visitors to Annapolis a unique, two hour, environmental and historical experience as you pedal a little over five miles around the 300-year-old national landmark on a bicycle, checking out a wide assortment of environmental projects and learning about one of America’s most colorful historic colonial-era cities and Maryland state capital located along the shores of the majestic Chesapeake Bay.

 Annapolis by Bike Eco Fun Tour is also a great tour for locals who think they know Annapolis. This tour covers places most Annapolitans not only have never seen, but will also uncover little treasures that you never even knew existed. The Annapolis by Bike Eco Fun Tour is THE tour for people who live in Annapolis and who would like to really see ALL of the town and find out what really makes it tick, from culture, to history, to the environment, and Maryland politics.  

Your friendly guide Steve Carr has lived in Annapolis for over 60 years and knows where to find all of the hidden secrets.  No matter how long you have called Annapolis home, after doing an Annapolis by Bike Eco Fun Tour  you will feel like you saw Annapolis for the very first time.  

Annapolis by Bike offers this fun, two hour, 5-mile tour seven days a week, excluding holidays and bad weather.

Annapolis by Bike cannot provide rental bikes, but you may be able to rent your bikes through Annapolis Velo, the best bike shop in Annapolis.     


If you have your own bike, the cost of the tour is $25 per person.

  • We only take  cash payments.

We ride a bit more than five miles around the Colonial Capital at a very leisurely pace and stop at many attractions which are conveniently spaced every five to ten minutes apart.  So, you don't need to be a great cyclist to comfortably complete the ride and the bikes are a breeze to master.

Your guide is local legend and celebrated Chesapeake Bay author and story teller, Steve Carr, who will spice up your ride with the latest juicy town gossip and political intrigue, the inside boating scuttlebutt from America’s sailing capital, and the history you never hear about on those other scripted tours.  Steve will have you laughing the whole way, while riding along the scenic waterways of Annapolis, spinning his yarns and telling it like                                                                                        it really is ... and was.

To read Steve's writings about nature and beyond, please go to: www.bystevecarr.com

The beauty of this one-of-a-kind, bicycle ride is that it allows you to see virtually every type of environmental project under the sun & moon, in one, fun two hour leisurely cycle around Annapolis, from 3 PM-5 PM (weather permitting).   

Cycling is by far the best way to see the many different neighborhoods and famous attractions that make up Annapolis. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions about what makes the real Annapolis tick. 

And for those of you who like history, the tour is chock full of interesting cultural and historical tidbits about Annapolis.  When you complete your ride, you will know more about the real Annapolis than most of the people who live here.

Along the way, you will get to look at and learn about the many different urban environmental initiatives undertaken by the City of Annapolis, as you leisurely ride along the Colonial Annapolis Maritime Trail, an officially designated segment of the East Coast Greenway Trail, running from Maine to Florida.

This isn't yet another tour where you get fed the standard re-fried beans, canned script.  Every tour is a little bit different - like good jazz. 

          ANNAPOLIS BY BIKE is an EXPERIENCE you will never forget!

To book an unforgettable ride, please e-mail your friendly tour guide Steve Carr at  annapolisbybike@gmail.com  or give him a call at (410) 564-9751 and leave a message.

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