Anna Paola Desiderio

One day I left a physics lab but I have never stopped researching...
"Change is the only constant of life. If the change stops, human beings cannot assimilate what keeps them alive. 
The transformations are the continuity of  their life. "

Larre C., Rochat de la Vallee E. (2001), Huangdi Neijing, Lingshu, The psyche in Chinese tradition, Jaca Book, Milan

My works are influenced by my scientific studies and are following the Quantum Art...  the artist and the scientist have the same view about the Universe ... we are not spectators of the world around us, but we are particles living and moving into it, we are connected and influenced each other…  all immersed in a continuous, relative and indefinite movement, in which every real space contains infinite other spaces, and every stable and unstable balance is renewing indefinitely …

Quantum Spaces 2013

  Quantum Spaces

Among the materials I use are wool, cotton, wire, fabric and everything I can use with them. By transforming them, I am unaware of the results, I allow myself to watch them transform into new forms and possibilities. Some will turn into paintings, accessories, or even pieces of furniture.

Quantum Chaos 2012
Quantum Chaos

My studies and training in Art/Dancetherapy range from dancing to painting and creative manipulation. I have experienced myself the therapeutic effects of different forms of art. I have worked with children, adults, the elderly, as well as with disable adults and children. Through art and dancetherapy you may express yourself, free, and transform your emotions.

The fire
Dancetherapy Lab
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