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Contact us by e-mail: and we will respond you as quickly as we can.

Alternatively, leave us a message on our Facebook page using this link: AYCC Facebook Page

If you are interested in joining Annan Youth Cycling Club, please turn up at one of our sessions and see if you like it and, if you do, we'll give you a membership form.  Annual membership costs £10 a year (family memberships area available for £25 per year) and there is a £1 fee for each session to cover juice and biscuits at the end of the session.

Whilst we are a Youth Cycling Club, our membership is open to all ages, after all, we are all still youths at heart as you never grow out of cycling.  We do offer a family membership which does include parents and any adults wishing to join us are more than welcome - just ask for a form at any of our sessions.

As an adult member there are a few benefits - we are currently looking at providing some basic maintenance training and perhaps some other coaching but there is also the chance to meet other members and organise informal rides.  You will also get the chance to join us for any sessions at the Velodrome or the BMX Track (for example) which are not just open to the younger members.  For any of you adults who are looking for something different and perhaps more challenging, there are a number of other clubs in the area which offer anything from social riding to racing and we have provided some links to the details of some of these clubs via the British Cycling Website on our Useful Links page and if you are looking for something further afield, the search feature for clubs is very useful.