2023 Learning Immersions for Change Leaders

Return of the Gods: Archetypal Earth and Cosmos

with Ann Amberg, M.C.S.

Join me to explore our emerging role as planetary humans. Guided by our planet’s ancient ways of knowing, we'll explore ten archetypal life dynamics* that will strengthen awareness and connection with our inner landscape and resacrilize the natural world as a living subject.

What are nature's core archetypal tendencies and how are they emerging now? We'll invite an everyday lived experience of the numinous qualities of earth and psyche, exploring new capacities to respond with grace and agility in this time of seismic change. We can shape our energy and boundaries to become containers for wholeness and beauty and begin to inhabit a relational self that can meet the world and it’s oppositional challenges in our time. And we can learn to work in synergy with life systems to release an outmoded domination paradigm and nurture our birthright as planetary humans.

Online Learning options:

• Introductory Presentation

• Learning Immersions for Classes and Groups

• Private Transpersonal Leadership Mentoring

• Guided Deep Imagery Journeys

To learn more, contact Ann at annamberg4@gmail.com

*Based on The Powers of The Universe © 2004, Brian Swimme, Center for the Story of the Universe