Workshop Participant Comments  

“Each presentation is so rich and really affirms how I have been since birth and why I am returning to the core of my essence to be in the world from this strength in partnership with all of life.” – Beth Wilson, Practicing Partnership with the Earth workshop, September 2017

"Ann, your presentation and images were simply breathtaking. I feel very moved seeing the visuals--it is an extraordinary job you've done." —J.H., What Does the Universe Do? Raven's Eye View Introduction, October 2014

"What a lovely and thoughtful rendering of the central ideas in the 'Powers'.  It was clear and beautiful.  You have an inspired piece here.  Well done". - Jane Kroll, What Does the Universe Do? booklet, 2014

"Thank you again for a lovely evening last night.  It was really special, and lovely to feel how the energy of the group deepened when we came together in a circle, connecting and opening.  I felt really inspired and supported by the event." —Bryony Rogers, Sacred Art & the Inner Landscape, Lancaster, UK, Sept. 2014

"Your talk was incredible."  —Dan Mahle, Whidbey Institute, February 2014

"Thank you Ann, such a gracious and stunningly generous steward you are to us.  ...for your guidance, your knowledge, your wisdom I am grateful... such rich, fertile ground."   —M.P., What Does the Universe Do? pilot immersion learning group, December 2013

"I'm loving the course and particularly your sessions - you are SO good at what you do, encouraging, informative, thought provoking, intelligent, fun. I love the images you use and the quotes and I just like listening to what you say."  —C.H., What Does the Universe Do? pilot immersion learning group, December 2013

"Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and insights to the powers of the universe...I found the information profoundly moving and filling a vacuum in me that seemed to be waiting for this." —P.E., What Does the Universe Do? introduction, April 2014

“I want to live fully awake and alive and honor the universe. I am challenged to put action into my thoughts. My worldview as well as my teaching is being reshaped.” —Universe Story online course; K-12 teacher, 2012

“I can say that I think you have organized and facilitated the whole thing in a completely exemplary and masterful way. You are very eloquent and articulate and your presentation of the material legitimizes the subject matter perhaps for some who might otherwise think it to be “out there”. The 'Cataclysm' episode really was helpful to see the truly bigger perspective on the times we are in. I believe it did have impact on my perspective and attitude towards the earth changes and the death and destruction that are happening at this time. Thank you so much for offering this.  Please let me know if you will be doing it again.”  —Powers of the Universe study group participant, 2011

“It has been my pleasure to participate in Ann Amberg's presentation of Brian Swimme's Powers of the Universe DVD series. She always brings to our gatherings a warm enthusiasm and delightful understanding of the material. Nuances have been made clear that might have missed without her capacity for opening our space to inquiry and discussion. I am especially grateful for the way she works her life experience with these powers into her meditations for the group. Brian Swimme's ideas, of course, are wonderful. Creating a language compatible with modern scientific understanding yet capable of speaking to real human experience in a heart-felt and body-felt way is to me a work of a real spiritual teacher.  Thank you Brian and Ann—.” —Powers of the Universe study group participant, 2011

“I have been teaching the Powers material at a local Unitarian church and I have witnessed in a small group of people their awakening as to the idea that as we come into realization of how the universe functions that we are the universe. We function just as the universe functions. By reflecting on the universe we begin to understand on a deep level what oneness truly means.” —Powers of the Universe study group participant, 2007

“I am finding the Powers series to be very helpful in deepening my understanding and appreciation of the basic processes that I experience all the time.  It is providing a framework... and your passion for this work is infectious.  Thanks again Ann for your willingness to share your bliss.” —Powers of the Universe study group participant, 2007

“Ann, just letting you know how much I appreciate your offering this group. Here is my brief awareness of my personal benefit:.....Reviewing the videos has been very inspiring and assistive in allowing me to once again shift my perspective into even larger focus, thus, uplifting me emotionally and spiritually into that place of calm inner peace that allows for more focused action in the physical.” —Powers of the Universe study group participant, 2011

“Ann's steeping herself in the Powers of the Universe framework has afforded me the opportunity to go deeper with them myself.  The principle of attraction has been working in me ever since reading THE UNIVERSE IS A GREEN DRAGON; it has contributed to my own process of transforming my experience of service from duty to celebration and my sense of the world as unsupportive and dangerous to infinitely supportive and pleasurable. Ann's interpretation of the Powers definitely reinforces these changes.” —Powers of the Universe study group participant, 2008

“Embracing the Power of Cataclysm in the destructive processes we see daily in the news and recognizing the power of Emergence in new thoughts and initiatives I encounter, as well as looking for and fostering opportunities of Synergy; all these direct results of Brian’s work and our discussions are important influences in my daily life.  As for Allurement, well I feel especially attuned to this power and its impact on me is easy to trace, looking back along the path of my life, at every turning. Thanks again for having invited me into the POU discussions. I am delighted to have found such a group of enlightened seekers.” —Powers of the Universe study group participant, 2008