Soul-Centered Deep Imagery

with Ann Amberg. M.C.S.

Are you intrigued with deep imagination, with the wild territory of your soul - and ready to invite a living relationship with sacred otherness? Did you know that there are inner animal and nature guides who are ready to partner with you to explore your healing and wholeness, and who are completely available to you in the most profound sense?

In the Deep Imagery journey, you have the opportunity to explore your field of embodied perception and previously unknown aspects of your consciousness through building a relationship with your own deep imagination. Inviting and partnering with inner animal and nature allies, you will meet intelligent inner beings who carry the wisdom and capacities to assist you on your personal soul path.

I am training as a certified Deep Imagery Practitioner with the International Institute for Visualization Research, in my final year of the 3-year Core Curriculum Training in the Personal Totem Pole Process®, founded by Eligio Stephen Gallegos, PhD. See

As of October, 2017 I will have completed 300 training/practice hours. I am continuing to offer sliding scale sessions for those who wish to experience this unique and ancient modality.

“There is an inner wisdom that has long been lost. ...when it pokes its head into our awareness we have all learned to shun it, deny it, and to discount it. That inner wisdom is not a book... It is not a bank of knowledge, or a storehouse of formulas. It is a living dimension of our very selves, and in its livingness it is in the moment, so that in order for us to tap that ancient deep inner wisdom we must engage it directly in its aliveness, we must be willing to be present with it on its terms, let it teach us its language rather than demanding that it speak in our own.”

– Eligio S. Gallegos, Ph.D., author of Into Wholeness: the Path of Deep Imagery

Benefits of Deep Imagery include:

  • Inner Resourcesnew tools that strengthen our capacity for self-healing
  • Connection- with key parts of ourselves that are ready to be unearthed and reclaimed
  • Curiosity- exploring the edges of relationship, intimacy and self-integrity in the present moment
  • Courage- for our mythic journey towards wholeness and transformation
  • Experience- respect for all ways of knowing: sensing, feeling, thinking and image
  • Fun! - fly, alight in treetops, hang out with a laughing beetle...enjoy the journey and your animal guide's unique personality

I have offered client sessions in New York City and Whidbey Island, WA. The session is live, 45-90 minutes and does not involve any hands-on, shamanic, movement or therapy work. Sliding scale. I will minimally guide your journey; you make it your own. No experience necessary. To learn more or make an appointment, contact me at

 I have been engaged at the mythic/archetypal level with animals, imagination, grief work and nature-based inquiry all of my life. To request a sample story of a Deep Imagery journey or learn more about my facilitation of applied transformational ecology, see my profile on