The World We Want
Self-design course for K-12 teachers 
Want to make a difference? Receive credit doing what you really care about! The World We Want Program is a unique professional development self-design online course enabling you to earn 10-50 hours, or 1-5 credits by designing research, reading and community activism that make the world a better place. World We Want teachers are leaders in progressive educational and cultural change. They have monitored wild sea turtles in Hawai'i, worked with their students creating organic school gardens in WA and public art for social justice in Portland, OR; brought mindfulness and yoga into their pre-K classroom, supported economic development in Nicaragua, taken a Waldorf training, served as a volunteer math teacher in Ghana, and much more. Teachers keep a Learning Journal in which they log their activities, choose their own reading, and design original Lesson Plans. Your instructor, Ann Amberg, M.C.S., is available to you personally for guidance, resources, and mentoring.

Do you have a project in mind related to one or more of these areas?
Social Justice
Community Service
Inner Well-Being
...then contact me and find out how you can put your leadership to work for you and earn credit, WA clock hours, OR PDUs, or CEUs. Work at your own pace, and complete within 6 months. On a deadline? No worries—I will work with you to meet your recertification goals. 
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Teachers are saying:

“It’s refreshing to receive acknowledgment of the validity of the work that activist teachers do to create a better world for 
our students. The World We Want was a terrific way for me to coordinate my work for sustainability and social justice 
with my clock hour requirements.” —Ken Rubin, World We Want course participant

“I have found through this coarse, I am looking at life and myself with more forgiveness and peacefulness. I can't explain it, it just is. This has truly been good for my soul.” - Jennifer Celentano, Toutle, OR, World We Want course participant

"...the projects I have completed in the last year or so have gone a long way in the cultivation of myself as the type of teacher I have always dreamed of being – one who lives the ideas they claim to teach, one who goes out and experiences the world they claim to teach about."— Jacqueline “Sage” Borgmästars, World We Want course participant 

"I feel that this class is, in my mind, a positive way to promote and honor the hard work that teachers do outside of their classes. I worked with these students in this capacity outside of class, outside of my “duties” as a teacher and because I truly believe that students need to be empowered to act as global citizens and to see the world outside of their immediate lives. I have an inability to say no to kids who are passionate about wanting to be politically or socially active." — Karne Helgason, World We Want course participant

"I love being on this great learning adventure. I would never be this far ahead in my thinking without doing this class." — World We Want course participant

"I am truly grateful for learning opportunities that actually facilitate growth and new-found awareness. World We Want was a delightful journey for me, one which I can't wait to share with my students in the seasons to come." — Shiras Stamps-White, World We Want course participant

Ann Amberg, M.C.S. currently instructs five online courses for K-12 teachers through The Heritage Institute.

Continuing Education Clock Hours, PDUs, CEUs and Credits:
The Heritage Institute continuing education quarter credits are awarded by Antioch University Seattle at the 400 and 500 levels. 
The Heritage Institute is a direct provider of WA State clock hours and OR State PDUs.  
Call 1-800-445-1305 or log onto policies page for more information.

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