Transformative Earth Partnerships
Integrative learning with Ann Amberg, M.C.S.

Join us to explore our emerging orientation as planetary humans— how do we express nature's biospiritual patterns through our unique individuality and authenticity? In Transformative Earth Partnerships we'll invite an everyday lived experience of the numinous quality of earth, build our capacity to use our boundaries to become containers for wholeness and beauty, develop our embodied felt sense of who we are as planetary beings, and begin to inhabit a relational self that can meet the world and it’s challenges in our time.

2019 Online Course Offerings
Transformative Earth Partnerships: Living Practices

Over the course of six interactive online sessions, we will utilize holistic science frameworks, systems literacy, deep imagery and profound embodied practices to explore our “true nature” — a human presence that takes nature seriously and shapes the heart and soul of an active human-earth alliance. Guided by our planet’s ancient ways of knowing, we'll explore ten self-directed earth practices that will strengthen connection with your own inner landscape and with the natural world as a living subject.

Drawing from the work of evolutionary philosophers, holistic biologists, depth psychology, nature-based inquiry, social systems and climate change science we’ll deepen our felt sense of “a resurgent partnership consciousness” that brings fresh energy and meaning to our activism.

In between sessions, participants are encouraged to experiment and embody their learning to make it personal. Each earth partnership practice can be sequentially deepened in direct nature/community experience. Additionally, past cohorts have kept dream journals, engaged in self-designed ritual in nature, and used art, music and mindfulness to enrich their inner/outer explorations.

In conversation with the world, we continue to deepen our inner authenticity and mature our leadership —exploring new capacities to respond with grace and agility in this time of seismic change. We are embedded in an evolving sacred ecology; we can learn to work in synergy with life systems to release an outmoded domination paradigm and nurture our birthright as planetary humans. This active, developmental practice of immersion, reflection and integration can be thought of as "applied transformational ecology".

Live online cohort
Dates TBD
Cost: $225-$325 per person sliding scale
All sessions recorded
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In this workshop, you will learn: 
  • Ten primary life dynamics that shape who we are every day 
  • Simple embodied practices to align and co-evolve with these patterns 
  • The links between climate change and earth as primary economy 
  • How nature’s (our) radiance is disguised as money 
  • The role of grief in healing the earth-human relationship 
  • How our capacity for care or violence is mirrored in our relationship to the earth 
  • The elegant relationship between opposition, change, and beauty 
  • How our leadership as women and men must be mentored by the earth itself 

Participants receive the 40-page e-book Practicing Partnership with the Earth, by Ann Amberg

Transformative Earth Partnerships: Mentorship and Live Presentations 
Mentorship and live presentations are available for individuals, groups, organizations, and corporate retreats. Past events have included leadership and educator development, private online coaching, year-long study groups that meet in private homes, film viewings, focused residential retreats on the land, half-day or full-day workshops, and short introductory presentations.
For more information contact Ann:
Phone  360-632-3793 
What Does the Universe Do? 
Ten Contemplative Archetypal Shapes
by Ann Amberg

"Elegant and informative..." —Brian Swimme

"What a lovely and thoughtful rendering of the central ideas in the 'Powers'.  It was clear and beautiful.  You have an inspired piece here.  Well done". 
—Jane Kroll
E-book to come
based on The Powers of The Universe © 2004, Brian Swimme, Center for the Story of the Universe

K-12 teachers: earn professional development credits/CEUs in affiliation with The Heritage Institute Antioch University/Seattle through the World We Want self-design online course.

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