What Does the Universe Do?

The invitation is fascination...

Galaxies, stars, the earth, stones, aquifers, clouds, hummingbirds, and people are mysterious, numinous energy events. The universe is expressing itself as us in each moment. Is there a larger story that we can step into as a human species...one that honors the impulse of all life to self-create and flourish? We are not separate from the stupendous, unfolding story of life...we come out of the earth! As evolutionary philosopher Brian Swimme says, "Would the universe work for 13.7 billion years to create consumers?"

The universe is inviting us into a shaping of itself. 

                     Is it possible to partner intentionally with the elegant creativity of earth and the cosmos? 

Step over the edge of the known world: reconnect with your sacred nature, grounding your capacity for self-creation and world work in the context of the astounding 13.7 billion-year journey of the universe. Join a one-hour introduction or a 6-month intensive learning group to dive deep into the ten ways that the universe shows up as you, as we explore the invitation to respond with soul and integrity to the dream of the earth.

Wholehearted science, spirit and soul collaborative online learning with Ann Amberg, M.C.S.



2014 course offerings:
What Does the Universe Do? One-hour Online Introduction: Raven's Eye View 
Sunday, March 23
Thursday, April 24
Sunday, May 25

What Does the Universe Do?  Six-month Online Learning Group Immersion
Learning groups meet online every other week for 12 sessions.
Wednesdays, starting June 4, 2014, ending November 5, 2014   
Sundays, starting June 8, 2014, ending November 9, 2014   

What Does the Universe Do?  Live Presentation and Workshops
I am available for live presentations, events and workshops by request.

Contact Ann for full schedules, course description and more information: annamberg@whidbey.com