AK Pollock

I had to write a paper on The Awakening.  My college professor told me he had never thought about what happened in that story the way I presented it.   I think that was my first thought about writing, but I didn't attempt it until some time later.  I had told my mother and my sister about wanting to and they encouraged me to go for it.  I began taking an online class from the Long Ridge Writers Group.  I was able to work one on one with a published author.  This class was about either writing short stories or articles.  I chose short stories because it is fiction and I'd rather make them up.  I had to write one article for the class though, and it was later published in the Georgia Magazine.  Upon completion of that class, my teacher recommended that I take a course from their sister school, the Institute of Children's Literature.  Once again I got to work with a published author.  This course was on writing a novel.  I used one of my short stories as the basis for my novel.  That is how I Am Joshua was born.