About me

Hello,my name is Anna(pushok1983).

  I create my artwork in my studio which located in small Europe country.
  This unique,handmade wares for interior decoration for at reasonable price.My sculpture will be a wonderful acquisition for you or your friends.For the manufacture of products using high quality materials and paints.
  I create my artwork only once at time.
 If you want something by order from sold stuff, it will always be different
from the sample.
  If you are interested in one of the
largest piece,but don't think you can afford it contact me.


--You can find me:
My official web: www.pushok1983.com(on repair)

Deviantart.com: http://pushok1983.deviantart.com/

Facebook.com: https://www.facebook.com/pushok1983

Netlog.com: http://en.netlog.com/pushok1983

My email:annacraftworld@gmail.com