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Guest Bathroom

This is the room that needed the most immediate attention and, really, is the most fun to look at because you just have to wonder: WHAT WERE THEY THINKING???

(With Seller's Stuff)

I would also like to state that they left the rug, toilet seat cover and shower curtain for me.

Thank GOD for rubber gloves

Some from when we moved in
(just so you don't think I did this when they were there to see me! hahaha)

The infamous full length wall o mirrors in front of the toilet

It was even on the back of the door!

This is what the tub looked like after DAYS of scrubbing and trying all SORTS of things to get those nasty buggers off.

And then it looked like this:

And then when we removed the mirror (see link below) it got a HUGE ding in it so we had to replace it.
Which brings me to:

And at long last: AFTER!!

Think I'll put this above the toilet and then maybe do shelves or a cabinet later if we find we need the storage. For now, this cheaper and I think it's pretty cute!
I got this image from the oldtinshack.com.

I'm a little worried about the green of the tub going with the green of the walls but I figure you never know til you try!

Plus, it matches the other "art" so perfectly!

Wet Pippin!!
This is the wall the mirror used to be on. Quite a difference, eh??

I promise, it's not hung as high as it looks. It's the stinking light switches in this house. ALL of them are lower than normal!

My favorite part of the whole bathroom!

We still need to tile the tub surround (but the shower curtain hides that fact nicely!) so we're not all the way done but I'm just happy to have the second toilet!


Wall Color: Behr Rejuvenate
Faucet: Amazon.com
Sink/Vanity/Mirror: Lowe's (got it on clearance for $100!)
Light: Lowe's
Bath tub: Home Depot
Tile: Lowe's
Toilet: Home Depot
Art: Pippin photo taken by the hubster
Frame: Mervyn's 
Towels: Target
Basket for towels: Came with a wine basket!
Shower curtain: Bed, Bath and Beyond
Doggy switch plate: www.switchhits.com 

Make sure to keep checking back for photos of the finished tub surround!
Still to do:
Not much! Just have to tile the tub surround and then add some accessories.
It'll be the nicest room in the house shortly! :-)