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Just a landing spot for our discussion tonight...it isn't even titled correctly!

Quick Thoughts:

strategic business transformation partners, llc
  1.     SBTP-LLC (website) - place to highlight what our company does
  2.     The Business Transformation Network - staffing for our transformation services, bringing the right resource to the right transformation (place to highlight the people doing the work)
    • ex. anleyez, LLC (assessments, transformation plans)
    • goal: organize by industry, so longer term you can sell "standardized packages" to others under licensing

Transformation services
Total Transformations - Changing the way 
Surgeries - Fixing a physical ailment
Mental/Behavioral Therapy - Fixing a strategy/ setting expectations problems

Rehab - Getting certain "areas" up to performance standards
Mentoring - In person/phone

start with banking since they pay, they have a lot of risk issues to deal with (currently going through fee disclosure "exercises" for govt...plus, i have a "canned solution" for banks across all the services above - banking risk!