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anleyez Business Solutions
Promoting a Healthy "Lifestyle" for your Business
Specializing in People, Perspective & Performance

Total Business Transformations
~Beginner to advanced Programs Available
~Small Business to Enterprise level solutions & pricing

For those that are ready to commit completely!
Transforming completely - mentally, physically & socially!

"Think P90X...only for your business!"

Package Includes:
  • Complete Assessment Package
    • Health, Fitness & Risk
    • Mental, Physical, Social
  • Customized workSMaRTER Routines
    • Getting Started, Advanced, Professional
  • Complete Transformation Support Package
    • Apps, Integration, Data Solutions, Loyalty
  • On-Call Support
    • Triage Services
    • Advisement Services
Specialty Products & Services
  • Advisement Services - Business Strategies/Tactics, Integrating Technology, Business Process Forecasting
  • Business Assessments - Health & Fitness, Risk, Mental, Physical, Social
  • anleyez Apps - design and development of native, web & hybrid applications 
  • Interface/Integration Solutions - Seamlessly integrating your physical, mobile and web channels (entire customer experience) - integrate operations and you have a design
  • Data Solutions - Hosting, Managing, anleyez'ing, Reporting, Recommending  (Where else can you get this!)
  • Customer Loyalty Programs- you should be ashamed of yourself if you don't have one of these!
  • Analysis & Design (Special Request Only)
    • Risk Models - Designs, Strategies & Tactics to improving all the "risky algorithms" in your business
    • Business Models - Designs, Strategies & Tactics to Outperform your competition for years to come!