anleyez Philosophies on Business
Below are some of my guiding principles, philosophies and perspective on different topics related to Business and its never-ending pursuit of improving performance.

    - Every Business is a System...Period!
    - Just Because You Don’t See IT...Doesn’t Mean IT Doesn’t Exist!
    - Everything...Starts and End with the Customer!
    - TEAM Work...Together Everyone Achieves More Work!
    - It’s Easier to Meet Expectations...When You Set Them FIRST!
    - Measure & Manage What Matters Most...When it Matters Most!
    - Offense(Sales) Wins Games...Defense (Service) Wins Championships!
    - You must practice like a Execute like a Professional!
    - Build Continual Improvement AND Accountability... into the System!
    - Adapt...Or Die Before Your Time!

    workSMARTER then Harder....If you want to be the best!