Enabling Businesses to adapt by Helping them Learn to Transform

  • Transforming your Perception, of what you think you can do...
  • Transforming your Performance, in everything you do...
  • Transforming your Reputation, improving everyone's confidence in you...
  • Transforming your Ability to Adapt, getting better at whatever you choose to do!

R&D Design Engineer turned Business Design Engineer!
  • Over 20+ years performing assessments, diagnosing problems & prescribing solutions
  • MS-MOT(MBA) + BSME + Lean Master + Six Sigma Master Black Belt
  • Lean + Agile + TPS + Six Sigma + TOC + TQM + any "mutations" (I've seen it all!!)

Businesses Are People - It's Time They Are Treated That Way!
  • Businesses Are People - Literally, Figuratively & Even Legally
  • People Don't Like Change...Unless It's In Their Pocket
  • Some People Are More Successful...At Reaching Their Goals!