Health & Fitness Assessments

- Are your revenues slowing and expenses growing? 
- Are you finding it harder and harder to get anything done? 
- Are your customers losing their trust in what you say and do?

Utilizing a proprietary blend of "aCHI", anleyez will...

EVALUATE... imbalances in "yourCHI" - mentally, physically & socially! 

IDENTIFY...... Performance inhibitors, that most people aren't trained to See!

PRESCRIBE..Realistic, balanced solutions that will put you on the path to balancing "your CHI"! 

Are you getting the results that you expect?
  • Mentally, are you prepared to do what you have to do? 
  • Physically, can you perform at the levels that you ought to?
  • Socially, do people believe that you do all you can do?

Typical Misdiagnosed  "Business Conditions" 
 Mental Physical Social
 Psychosis Cardiovascular/ Heart Disease Anti-Social Personality Disorder
 Multiple Personality Disorder Auto-Immune Disease(s) Anxiety Disorder
 ADHD Abnormal ReflexesDepression
Is Your Business Suffering?   How About You?