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Fitness Assessments

Fitness Assessments

When it comes to the Fitness of your Business...
anleyez promises you a different perspective....

  • Mentally, do you challenge your
  • Physically, are you getting to big to move?
  • Socially, are you doing everything you ought to?

Utilizing a proprietary blend of Fitness specific "aCHI", anleyez will...

EVALUATE... imbalances in "yourCHI" - mentally, physically & socially! 

IDENTIFY...... Performance inhibitors, that most people aren't trained to See!

PRESCRIBE..Realistic, balanced solutions that will put you on the path to balancing "your CHI"! 

Typical Misdiagnosed  "Fitness Conditions" 
 Mental Physical Social
 11 1
 2 22
 3 33
Is Your Business Suffering?   How About You?

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