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My home town is Jalandhar - a beautiful city in northern plains of India.   I like to stay pro-motivated, thus I try to watch/read inspirational stuff as much as possible.

I also wish to spend more time improving my dancing skills. Here is a glimpse [link]. Drop a note if you like it a bit, I will be encouraged :)  Email for your quick ref is ankur at ti dot com

In sports, I really like to swim, may be it's because of my sun sign! 

I also love to travel and thanks to my work, I do get to travel a lot! I have been to almost entire USA (From New Hampshire to Key West near Miami except Cal),  Paris,  Germany, Amsterdam, and am covering a lot of India presently!

: Motivation ::

I wish there were lesser disparity in the world, making it a better place! I will be really glad if my efforts can equalize it even by a fraction and I definitely hope to keep this in mind as I go further.

:: Favorites ::

  • Stay Energized.. as it keeps us alive and focussed! - AV
  • The hardest man to beat is the one who laughs in the middle of his defeat.

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