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Tested techniques for a healthy living!

Disclaimer: I'm a not a doctor by profession. In several cases, visiting a doctor can be life saving. However, you can see and learn from some of the things I have tested, seen and implemented. You never know what may work for you and enable you to live a richer life. 

If you think you suffer from lack of energy or frequently catch cold/cough, get your Vitamin D checked.  In my experience, there are few doctors who will advise you to get this test. I took this initiative myself. Test costs around Rs. 1000 and can be done at any lab conducting blood tests.  I was at 8.7 (severely deficient) Vit D3 level at one time [most get surprised at their levels!], but I've seen many positive changes in my energy after taking supplement / week of Vit D3. Lower levels of Vitamin D may cause weakening of bones along with higher chances of heart disease, cancer and autoimmune disease.

If you a vegetarian, get your Vitamin B12 levels checked for sure. This vitamin is responsible for proper functioning of Nervous system, less fatigue and retention of black hair. Vitamin B12 is only found in Animal products such as eggs/fish.

Use Stainless Steel over Aluminium cookware, which leads to toxins in your food and body. Be careful about the plastic bottles you use for storing water in refrigerator. Making one time minor investment in buying good quality plastic bottles (from good brands such Tupperware) may save us from getting a lot of toxins into our bodies. These toxins become the silent causes of cancer. 

More raw foods in the form of salad etc. helps make body alkaline, thereby reducing acidity. Higher 'acid' causes many issues. Alkalinity increases body's immunity, leads to lesser diseases and detoxifies the body.

Avoid eating trans fats, poly saturated and saturated fats. Mono-saturated and Omega 3 fatty acids are useful for the body. There's a saying that other fats directly go from the lips to the hips and effectively leads to no nutrition. Where do you find the healthy fats? Walnuts and Flax-seeds are excellent resources. 

Avoid white flour / sugar / processed foods completely. They convert into sugar in the body. I never realized that I was eating sugar in the form of bread! Eating more sugar will ultimately exhaust our pancreas and leads to diabetes.

Prefer eating fruits over juices, if you can. I prefer drinking Smoothies over fruit juices. If you have access to fresh green vegetables, try to juice them. A cup of freshly squeezed orange juice is good, however it's great when the fruit is eaten with it's fiber.

Try Oil pulling for 30 days regularly and see a difference for yourself in your teeth issues / appearance, any dental related issues, and even your energy levels.  Google 'Oil pulling' for more information. You may use Sesame / Coconut Oil along with a bit of Cinnamon sporadically.  Also, do try to floss at least once every 2-3 days, if not daily.  Such changes will help you avoid deadly procedures such as Root Canal Therapy, widely considered 'safe' by Dentists.  The truth is that post this therapy your tooth becomes dead since the root is extracted. This dead tooth is probably the only place in your body with dead cells that can lead to number of toxins, parasites, and viruses to be stuck inside the tooth, leading to myriad number of diseases. Read 'Why Root canals are dangerous?' for more information. Before I came to know about these facts, I had to go for Root Canal in a teeth unfortunately.  I continue to look for a biological dentist who can help me further since getting a root canal removed from any dentist can be pretty dangerous since the wrong removal process releases all the deadly toxins out instantly. 

To improve your eyesight, I found Bates method to be quite useful. I continue to practice the techniques although I'm not as regular as I wish myself to be. Check out 'Re-learning to see naturally.. ' book for natural eye sight improvement exercises. Try palming, sunning, long swinging, peripheral exercises and see a difference for yourself.

Why milk is dangerous? It has numerous well cited literature on the web. Imagine when someone manufacturing and selling milk is also the part of the industry promoting nation-wide diet recommending milk and part of the medical industry. Will anyone want to stop one's lucrative business?  No! Because there's no money in healthy and dead people, but there's in sick people. Milk contains pus, hormones, pesticides and is extracted after giving numerous injections to cow/buffalo. Imagine drinking the same now? If you think you drink milk for Calcium, continue reading this page. You don't need it for Calcium. There are other much healthier resources available easily. 

For hair retention and excellent hair health, use lemon juice + sesame oil / coconut oil / amla powder / juice, make a paste, apply to the hair, keep it for 20-25 mins and clean your hair with water   

Below tests are a bit advanced, however, for interested they are very useful:
  • Liver Cleansing (Extra virgin olive oil, Orange juice and Epsom salt procedure)
  • Kidney Cleansing (Parsley, Watermelon seeds, and Corn Silk)
  • Joints Cleansing (Apple Cider Vinegar for Uric Acid dissolution, Epsom Salt Bath)
  • Parasites Cleansing (To be tested)
Here's some more theory presented from my research from several material related to health referenced towards the end of the article:

The fast food and other convenient foods available easily at street shops etc. are not nutritious for our body. They are made to look and smell better for longer shelf life. The objective for these foods is not to get us healthy. The truth is that we are starving ourselves on nutrition basis and filling ourselves up on calories. Our body loves eating sweet things, especially fats and sugars. Because in our primitive ages, we had to survive in winters without food.  Only the ones with fat retention survived. However, today, it's the opposite. We eat a lot of calories, lack nutrition and not enough use of those calories leads to obesity, low energy, mental fog, and later heart attack and diabetes. 

Food companies spend billions of dollars to find products that can cause addiction and appeal to people like us, so that we buy more of such items. Commonly available addictive foods contain MSG / Glutamates that excites the brain and release 'excitement' chemicals causing us to feel good. Body eventually becomes fatter and fatter.  Please google MSG obesity induced mice to find research report on this topic. 

Aspartame, an alternate form of sugar, kills brain cells so that people can't think. The studies conducted for 'best foods for people' and diet recommendation research are funded by the people who sell food. Even the so called diet soda, a marketing term used by food industry, can lead to neurological problems and diabetes. 

Why eating Sugar / Sugar products is bad? When we eat Sugar, our Pancreas has to excrete more and more insulin, which is a fat producing hormone. This energy is stored in the fat cells and can't be used by us since it's not the right fat.  We need healthy fats such as from flax seeds. When we eat processed food such as High Fructose Corn Syrup, Refined sunflower oil etc., we are injecting stuff that's making our body overwork and changes brain chemistry. Do you know that even bread converts to sugar in body? Everything in this list converts to Sugar in our body: Bread, Pasta, Cereals, Rice, Potatoes, Pastries, Sweet biscuits, Cakes, Ice Creams, Fat free food, Croissant, Pancakes, Waffles etc. Eating more sugar makes us fat. Sugar is a drug for many people today. We need more and more to get the feel 'good' effect. Food kills more people than medicines. A good assertive statement that you may use to take control of your situation could be, "I can eat this. I can do this. BUT I don't want to do it, since it leads to pain in long term. The pleasure is short lived".

Many people consider exercise good. However, exercising without proper nutrition can be bad for body. When we exercise, we burn fat. This bad fat stores deadly toxins, which when released will cause more damage to our body. 
There's another funny saying with the present food we eat, " One quarter of what we eat keeps you alive, the other three quarters keeps your doctor alive." 

By changing your diet today, you can feel younger and energetic like never before.  Hippocrates said, "Let Food be THY medicine."

To detoxify, eating green vegetables is a must.  I try to drink at least 4-5 spoonfuls of Aloe Vera and Amla in the morning to cleanse the body.

Always prefer to eat vegetables over fruits. The recommended vegetables are green ones - spinach, celery, cucumber, pepper, dark leafy vegetables, parsley, cilantro etc.  

Salad - Eat as much as possible. More green vegetables eaten, more healthier I become.
REPLACE white rice, pasta, bread, cheese WITH fruits, green vegetables and beans.
INCREASE fruit and green salad consumption for a high quality, disease free life and remain active!

Other than milk, Calcium is present in green vegetables, beans, sesame seeds, oranges, tofu etc. 

Calories can come from either Protein, Fat or Carbohydrates.  More plant based stuff leads to not only higher vitamins and minerals, but also Anti-oxidants and phyto-chemicals.  Refined foods cause a lot of disease. 

Where to get protein from if not chicken? Look at green vegetables. For example: Same amount of broccoli contains twice the amount of protein as chicken contains.

Preference order - Green Vegetable >> Fresh Fruits >> Legumes

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For detailed information, you can refer to the work of qualified practitioners below: 
  • Dr. Joel Burnham
  • Dr. Neal Bernard
  • Dr. Andrew Weil
  • Curezone website
  • Various documentaries available on health, food etc.