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After Skynet has destroyed much of humanity in a nuclear holocaust, a group of survivors led by John Connor (Bale) struggles to keep the machines from finishing the job.

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Set in post-apocalyptic 2018, John Connor (Bale) is the man fated to lead the human resistance against Skynet and its army of Terminators. But the future Connor was raised to believe in is altered in part by the appearance of Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington), a stranger whose last memory is of being on death row. Connor must decide whether Marcus has been sent from the future, or rescued from the past. As Skynet prepares its final onslaught, Connor and Marcus both embark on an odyssey that takes them into the heart of Skynet’s operations, where they uncover the terrible secret behind the possible annihilation of mankind. Written by Warner Bros. Pictures

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Sam Worthington Speaks on Terminator 4

In a recent interview at Comic Con, Sam Worthington discussed his latest role in the upcoming Terminator Salvation. Worthington believes that the new film will be the salvation of the franchise which missed the mark in its last theatre outting.

Sam Worthington plays Marcus Wright and says, "I look at this movie as what makes Kyle Reese Kyle Reese and what makes John Connor John Connor and my character’s almost like a bridge between them. I look at my character as a bridge to how they connect and how they grow. He’s a drifter."

Perhaps the biggest disappointment for fans of the upcoming Terminator 4 is the choice of director. The fact that McG is writing and directing the film is not going over well. It does help that the film stars Christian Bale as John Connor and the lead writer is Jonathan Nolan who also wrote Dark Knight. Although many fans consider McG to be a hack, I think the collection of talent on this film will shine through in the end.

Sam Worthington has no doubts about McG's abilities and says, "First thing McG ever said to me was 'I don’t want to make a McG movie. I want to make a Terminator movie' and that’s where we are."

You can read an extensive interview with McG here.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New Photo Released From Terminator Salvation

Warner Bros. has released a new still shot from the production of Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins. Check it out.

Sam Worthington, on the right, is rumored to be playing a T-600. Christian Bale, on the left, is playing John Connor whose mission is to save mankind from being destroyed by Skynet.

Don't forget to check out the Terminator Salvation teaser trailor.

We are half way through filming. Our teaser is in theaters and playing
before The Dark Knight.

You will see that this is a movie inspired by the first films, but is a true new beginning in that it takes place in the future.

All three Terminator films took place present day, with Terminators
traveling back in time to attack. This picture takes place after Judgment
Day. It happened. Everything is gone. The story of the movie is the "brink
moment" Reese always talked about.

From a technical perspective, we have set out to achieve a completely new visual style that hasn't been seen before. We're shooting the film on color stock but are using a method inspired by the Oz process which was developed at Technicolor by Mike Zacharia and Bob Olson. Basically we are adding three times as much silver. It creates a surreal texture that is in keeping with the notion of the entire picture - feeling detached from the world we know today.

Every morning and every night Christian and I work on the story. Sam's
contribution has been excellent. We are committed to putting the story and character first and then supplementing that with action and visual effects. It is our intention to make a film on a large scale with the nuance and subtext of a high quality independent picture.

The richness of the story is really coming out now. It's a Prometheus tale
really, how creating life creates real responsibility - and if left unchecked, can be our undoing.

The entire crew takes the making of this film very seriously. I made a point of hiring key personnel that are passionate about getting this right.
Everyone is well versed in the mythology.

Comicon is this weekend. I look forward to sharing the film with the


Charges Dropped for Terminator Salvation Star Christian Bale

Christian Bale, star of The Dark Knight and upcoming Terminator Salvation, won't be facing assault charges for an alleged assault on his mother and sister during a family argument according to the Crown Prosecution Service.

Bale was arrested last month after an alleged assault in his suite at the Dorchester Hotel in London. His mother Jenny and sister Sharon brought a formal complaint against the actor after an altercation that took place on July 20. Bale was arrested two days later and questioned for several hours by detectives at the Belgravia police station. He was later released on bail.

A CPS spokesman said: "Taking all the factors into consideration, the decision has been taken that there is insufficient evidence to afford a realistic prospect of conviction, and accordingly the police have been advised that no further action should be taken against Mr. Bale,"said a CPS spokesperson.

Read the full article at The Scotsman.

Beyond Judgment Day - Visual Effects Supervisor Charles Gibson

Visual Effects Supervisor Charles Gibson discusses his role in the making of Terminator Salvation:

"Prior to Terminator Salvation, I worked on all three Pirates movies. Those worlds and characters were from a different time and place and had to be completely fabricated. This film plays in an altered but plausible version of our world. We're primarily concerned with bringing the Terminator elements home, to make you believe this reality could be just around the corner. It's a very different sort of challenge.

McG's take is to weave science fiction and horror elements into a state-of-the-art action film: The camera always moves, the imagery is raw and kinetic, the pace is insane. The creative challenge for me will be to bury the effects into the photography but to still protect our big visual moments.

Before Terminator 2: Judgment Day, visual effects films were frequently driven by technology -- you worked with what you had. With The Abyss and especially with Terminator 2: Judgment Day, James Cameron showed us that concept rules: When the director has a compelling new vision, the technology will follow. Cameron opened that gate for other filmmakers who in turn have pushed the visual effects industry in new directions.

We've been waiting to see this world for years -- it's only been glimpsed and hinted at in the previous Terminator movies. We're able to revisit the elements that have been established, but we're going to be adding a whole lot more."

In Memoriam

Stan Winston passed away this past weekend. What an unbelievable talent.

Think of everything that came from the mind of that man. Aliens. Jurassic Park. Iron Man. Terminator.

I wish all of you could go check out the shop that he built. There's a meeting room where all of his creations encircle you. It feels like the first time you went to Disneyland or saw Star Wars. It's an unforgettable moment.

Most of all, Stan was a good guy who was in it for all the right reasons. He loved what he did.

Stan confided in me once, that he created imaginary monsters as a child to keep him company. He said he felt like the only kid in the world who did this. Little did he know his childhood friends would come to be the heroes of millions. You are not alone Stan, the fruit of your imagination will be with us forever.

It is a real honor to have had the opportunity to work with Stan Winston. I
intend to dedicate this film to his memory.


One Possible Future

We're in the middle of week five. The New Mexico wind is kicking the shit out of the crew but providing a perfect backdrop for our post-apocalyptic world.

Sam tore a muscle on the left side of his ribs in a fight sequence. Neither of us wants to use a stunt double.

This movie takes place several years after Judgment Day, but prior to 2029. Just like it took a long time to get an HD plasma screen in our world, it took Skynet a lot of research and development to get to the T-800, and this movie explores that "space between." We have all been fascinated with the world after Judgment Day. Here it is.

In this film, there are Hydrobots that patrol the water, Transports that move human prisoners around, Harvesters that collect human beings as lab rats for Skynet and Aerostats that survey all that is going on with the resistance the world over.

We've started shooting the T-600 - the bigger, grimier, nastier version that preceded the T-800.

Like Reese says, they're easier to spot but they pack a mini gun and carry kick ass fire power. They're eight-foot tall killers that prowl the badlands looking for anything with a heartbeat to terminate.

Stan Winston, Production Designer Martin Laing and ILM came up with the designs and that thing is on Kyle Reese's ass throughout the entire picture. Wanted to achieve that bummer, rubbery skin, prosthetic look that cloaks an unrelenting machine with a singular focus of killing.

More to come...

Also, I realize my name is ridiculous. I was born Joseph McGinty Nichol. McG is short for McGinty. I have been called this since the day I was born to create separation from my Uncle Joe and Grandpa Joe. I realize it sounds like some Hollywood nickname, hip-hop choice. But the truth is, this is simply my name - for every day of elementary school, every zit-filled day of high school. I have been taking shit for it ever since. I get it, I would think it's lame too. But it's just a name, and to change it now would seem fraudulent.

Oh yeah, don't get too uptight about the prospect of the film being PG-13. We have entertained the idea of a PG-13 rating largely because Batman Begins, in my opinion, was made compromise-free. So we'll see. The movie comes first and it will be protected at all times…

By the way, there are only three people who know the ending.

The unknown future rolls toward us.


We’ve officially started principal photography on Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins. Like you guys, I’ve been a long-time fan of the series and I understand your passion for the Terminator movies -- and it’s my full intention to deliver a film that lives up to the previous three installments. I’ve spent time with James Cameron, spoken to Arnold Schwarzenegger, gone over the story with Jonah Nolan, and enlisted Stan Winston.

Everything we’re shooting is designed to be tactile and real, you’ll be seeing a whole set of inspired designs you’ve never seen before, and best of all you’ll finally get to see some of the post-judgment day future that was only hinted at in the previous movies.

John Connor will be pushed to the brink. And for me, Christian Bale embodies Connor’s strength and tenacity perfectly. And after visiting Sam Worthington on the set of Avatar, I know he’s perfect for his role.

As you know, Anton Yelchin is playing Kyle Reese, and his prep has been unbelievable. The guy's been watching all three Terminators incessantly and he’s definitely going to capture the essence of the character Michael Biehn created in Cameron’s first film.

We started principal photography with a sequence at Griffith Observatory. I've already seen a cut of it -- Anton and Sam are excellent. I’ll have more on that soon, and can’t wait to share some of what we’re doing with you all. Stay tuned for more.


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Terminator Salvation: The Future
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