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core2k+core6k complete, enhanced and sorted by kanji
  • smart.fm Japanese core 2000 and core 6000 vocab linked with corresponding sentences
    • 6000 vocab items (5988 unique expression/reading/meaning tuples, some vocab items appear with different example sentences to illustrate different meanings)
    • 6000 sentences (5929 unique expression/reading/meaning tuples, some sentences are re-used as example sentences for multiple vocab items)
    • 6000 records (5998 unique vocab-sentence pairs, records with index 3260 (duplicate of 3093) and 4676 (duplicate of 1400) can be removed)
    • can be made into connected spaced vocab and sentence cards, used to customise formatting, or used to migrate between vocab and sentence cards
  • kana-only and furigana readings
    • enabled furigana display by installing [[#xxfurigana]]
  • sentence dictionary lookup
    • includes WWWJDIC entry for each word in the sentence
    • see lookup-sentences for reference
  • local and remote sound
    • 5999 vocab sound tags (1 missing, 5990 unique)
    • 6000 sentence sound tags (5928 unique) 
    • for local sound download the vocab and sentences, unzip and move files into the media directory
    • import file has sound-local fields replaced with anki's munged filenames for compatibility with existing media packages and plugin downloads 
    • use the remote sound field to stream from smart.fm
  • vocab, sentence and list ids and per list and overall indices
    • for cross-referencing with smart.fm
  • sort indices for sorting on sentence-expression by kanji in rtkliteko2001+rtk+frequency, rtk+frequency, ko2001+frequency, and frequency orders
    • by default sorted in rtkliteko2001+rtk+frequency order
    • anki doesn't support re-sorting so you need to sort on an index column before importing to change sort order (unix users can use `sort -n`, windows users can use a spreadsheet)
  • highest kanji number and new required kanji progression for each sort order
    • highest kanji number needed for that sentence corresponds to rtk frame number when sorted by rtk and ko2001 kanji number when sorted by ko2001
    • new kanji required lists new kanji compared with previous sentences
    • vocab contains 1510 rtk1 kanji, 96 rtk3 kanji, 2 other
    • sentences contain 1545 rtk1 kanji, 103 rtk3 kanji, 2 other
  • highlighting of vocab item within sentence and vocab parts-of-speech
  • vocab JLPT level
    • 555/683 JLPT4, 510/624 JLPT3, 2665/3899 JLPT2, 895/2955 JLPT1, 1375 other
  • cloze deletion on vocab in sentences
  • import into anki with File, Import...
see also the discussion on revtk forums


number name example
1 vocab-expression 嗅ぐ
2 vocab-kana かぐ
3 vocab-meaning smell, sniff
4 vocab-sound-remote [sound:http://assets3.smart.fm/assets/legacy/JLL/audio/Int/JW03341A.mp3]
5 vocab-sound-local [sound:JLL-audio-Int-JW03341A.mp3]
6 vocab-pos Verb
7 vocab-id 439323
8 sentence-expression 犬がお皿の匂いをクンクン<b>嗅いでいる</b>ね。
9 sentence-kana いぬ が おさら の におい を くんくん <b>かいで いる</b> ね
10 sentence-meaning The dog sniffed at the smell on the plate.
11 sentence-sound-remote [sound:http://assets3.smart.fm/assets/legacy/JLL/audio/Int/JS03341A.mp3]
12 sentence-sound-local [sound:JLL-audio-Int-JS03341A.mp3]
13 sentence-id 277649
14 list 24631
15 list-index 246
16 index 3746
17 sentence-lookup 犬 【いぬ】 (n) (1) dog (Canis (lupus) familiaris); (2) snoop (i.e. a detective, a spy, etc.); (n-pref) (3) counterfeit; inferior; useless; wasteful; (P); EP
お皿 【おさら】 (n) (See 皿) plate; dish; ED
匂い 【におい】 (n) (1) odour; odor; scent; smell; stench; (2) aura; whiff; smacks of ...; sense; flavour; flavor; (P); EP
クンクン (n,adv,vs) (on-mim) sniff; ED
Possible inflected verb or adjective: (te-form)
嗅ぐ 【かぐ】 (v5g,vt) to sniff; to smell; (P); EP
18 vocab-furigana 嗅[か]ぐ
19 sentence-furigana 犬[いぬ]がお 皿[さら]の 匂[にお]いをクンクン<b> 嗅[か]いでいる</b>ね。
20 rtk-index 6000
21 rtk-kanji 4541 嗅
22 ko2001-index 5974
23 ko2001-kanji 3534 嗅
24 freq-index 5887
25 freq-kanji 1534 嗅
26 rtkliteko2001-index 6000
27 rtkliteko2001-kanji 5753 嗅
28 jlpt JLPT2
 犬[いぬ]がお 皿[さら]の 匂[にお]いをクンクン<b>( )</b>ね。

sort orders

sample templates

<span style="font-size: larger;"><span style="font-size: larger;">%(vocab-expression)s: %(sentence-expression)s</span></span>
<span style="font-size: larger;"><span style="font-size: larger;"><!--fon-->%(vocab-furigana)s: %(sentence-furigana)s</span></span>
%(vocab-meaning)s: %(sentence-meaning)s<!--foff-->

<span style="font-size: smaller;">%(sentence-lookup)s<span>

%(rtkliteko2001-index)s %(rtkliteko2001-kanji)s %(vocab-sound-local)s %(sentence-sound-local)s


original import file, graphs and sound files generated with the following:


requires scanki cranki lookup-sentences [[#kanji-sort]] [[#kanji-freq]] [[#kanji-count]] [[#kanji-info]]

Fugou Nashi,
15 Dec 2010, 21:27