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Important info for the vocab set

"Irregular" forms will be shown with a [u] next to them.

Note: With the answers for these forms, I have given the word's "tense stem", lexical form, and root. So take note, when you see something like "fut act/mid" as part of the answer, this is the tense stem and this is NOT full parsing. Only sometimes will you find a parsed word (mainly deponents). 

I have put in most of the "irregular" forms from the back of BBG. However, with one exception, words that have similar "irregular" forms, I have only put in one of the "irregular" forms of that word.

NOTE: If sometimes you see a square where a letter should be...
This is due to the lack of an appropriate unicode font being installed. To remedy this, download and install a unicode Greek font like Gentium. In Anki, open your Greek deck and
change the default font for that deck. Eg. Goto settings -> Font and Colors. Select Model -> Basic and change the Answer font to Gentium. Do the same for the "Greek Weird Forms" model. You may also need to change the fonts settings in the Fields tab.


Learn how to turn chapters on and off:

To make chapters active, you need to do the following:

1) For older versions, goto Edit->Active Tags**

   ** For newer versions, goto Settings->Active Tags

   ** For even newer versions, goto Settings->Inactive Tags

2) Click on the chapters that you want to un-suspend/suspend