• Do you want to review your greek vocabulary efficiently?

  • Do you want to manage it long term?

    • If so, then use Anki and the Koine Greek vocab set  

What is Anki?

Anki is a flashcard program that learns how well you know individual words. Based on your competence, Anki schedules appropriate review times for those words.

Overall, Anki makes for efficient vocab review and is perfect for short term and long term management of vocab.

Anki is an open-source application that works on:

  • PCs (Windows and Linux)
  • Macs 
  • Even some smartphones.
    • iPhone/iPod touch
    • Zaurus
    • Windows Mobile
In addition, it's free! However, donations are accepted by the developer.

What's in the vocab set for Anki?

This set has all the words found in the New Testament and the vocab is keyed to  Bill Mounce's "Basics of Biblical greek"

So, let's get started

First, download/install Anki

Second, download the deck for Anki

  1. Open Anki
  2. Click on the Download button on the front page
  3. Type in the search box - koine greek 
  4. Select one of the following decks
    • For the second edition of Mounce's grammar:
      • Koine Greek: All NT words - Mounce 2nd ed
    • For the third edition of Mounce's grammar:
      • Koine Greek: All NT words - Mounce 3rd ed
  5. Click on OK and the deck will be loaded into Anki

Third, read my intro to the set (Important! and only takes about 1 minute to read)

Fourth, watch the tutorials for Anki (Advisable but not necessary):

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The vocabulary from Flashworks is used with permission.

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