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Middle Eastern Dance
By: Sherry Jeffries

This site is out of Phoenix Arizona.

Ankestamen's Middle Eastern Dance group is dedicated to Belly Dancers all over the world.
This resource site is based out of the Phoenix Arizona. You are encouraged to write about yourselves, your dance, and exchange info. 

This group is for the interest of Belly Dancers wanting to learn, exchange ideas, and get links to the best web sites found to date.
Updated frequently with on-line lessons changed every couple of months, lesson plans with basic description of moves, and a beginning choreograph routine.

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Why do I dance? I dance for the beauty I feel within my heart, I dance for the exercise and fun, I dance for my inner sanity,
I dance for others to see the true expression and love of the dance I dance because I can, I take lessons to continue my learning and new techniques,
I take workshops to learn from the masters, I teach for the continuation of the dance.

If you like my site, on the message board.  This is an open forum message board, but please no spam, and keep your language in proper etiquette.
We want this site to be educational, informing, and interesting.  All suggestions are welcome and will be brought into consideration by the management.

Nefertiti Presents . . Belly Dancing "The Basics" officially PUBLISHED: 

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Middle Eastern Dance
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