Palaeoecology of Triassic amniotes

As part of my palaeontological research, I also work with an array of techniques for elucidating palaeoecology of fossil vertebrates.  I am currently conducting morphometric analyses of postcranial morphology in Cretaceous mammals to determine if these early mammals were arboreal, with potential implications for the ecology of the mammalian radiation.  I have worked on stable isotope analysis of Eocene archaeocete and sirenian enamel and dentine to determine the sequence of ecological changes associated with their independent shifts into a fully aquatic habitat from terrestrial ancestors.  I am currently expanding these stable isotope analyses to more distant taxa in a collaborative study with H. Fricke (Colarado State University) and J.J. Flynn to examine resource partitioning in Triassic amniotes, a question I have previously tackled with dental microwear and bone histology.