Coconut Frozen Yogurt

2 cups Greek yogurt (or 4 cups regular full fat yogurt)

1 can coconut milk, refrigerated
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 cup fresh grated coconut
1/4 cup raw powdered sugar

Serves 6-8
If you use regular whole milk yogurt, strain 4 cups of whole milk yogurt through a cheesecloth or clean kitchen towel for at least two hours. Discard the whey.
Mix the thick white parts of the refrigerated coconut milk into the strained/greek yogurt. Add vanilla extract, fresh coconut and sugar and mix until well combined.

Without ice cream maker
Pour the yogurt mixture into a shallow bowl or pan. Freeze until almost solid, about 1-2 hours. Take out of the freezer, and thoroughly stir it with a fork. Put back into freezer and freeze again until almost solid. Scoop out the frozen mixture and place it into a food processor. Pulse until smooth. Transfer ice cream into a container suitable for freezing.

With ice cream maker
Transfer mixture to ice cream maker and follow its instructions. Transfer ice cream into a container suitable for freezing.
Cover and freeze until firm, about 2 hours. If you keep it frozen until completely solid, keep at room temperature to soften a bit before serving.

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