3 Grain Breakfast with 3 Fresh Fruit

1 tablespoon raw millet or quinoa
1 tablespoon jumbo oat flakes
1 tablespoon spelt or barley flakes
3-4 tablespoons water

1 banana
1/2 peach (or other fruit of the season)
1/2 apple
1 tablespoon of yogurt (or alternatively: a splash of fresh cream)
1 teaspoon sesame seeds
Put millet, oat flakes and spelt flakes in a bowl and add the water so that they are just covered. Soak the grains for at least half an hour (better one hour), to soften them. All water should be absorbed. The millet/quinoa takes longest to soften. If you don't have the time, leave them and use more flakes instead.

Chop the banana and the peach. Drain any excess water from the grains. Combine grains and chopped fruit in a breakfast bowl. Add grated apples on top. Garnish with yogurt or cream and sprinkle with sesame seeds.