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ESnet at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (LBL) is a high-speed network serving thousands of Department of Energy scientists at over 40 institutions as well as connecting to more than 100 other networks. The Advanced Networking Initiative (ANI) testbed is a system funded by department of energy (DOE) as part of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). The testbed allows researchers to experiment with new network protocols and applications, as well as new network technologies, such as 100Gbps optical fibers.

The ANI testbed provides resources for the researchers to use in their experiments or projects. Resources are of different types such as hardware, software, service, network, virtual or physical, shareable or not. There may also have dependencies among themselves. More information on the testbed is available on ANI testbed web site at

Currently, the resources are manually managed and allocated among projects and users. This does not scale well with increasing number of projects the testbed must support. In this project, our ANI testbed resource reservation system (ANITRRS) changes this situation. It provides web-based easy-to-use resource reservation system for researchers. It aims at organizing and automating the testbed resource allocation and management.

More specifically, ANITRRS is a web application that allows administrator to represent resources, and users to reserve them for a period of time for a project. Various testbed resources and their attributes can be represented and requested. The system handles various dependencies and constraints in automatic resource allocation. It integrates with calendar application to show resource availability or unavailability. It allows the administrator to override automatic allocation policy for a resource.