"Beginnings always share promises, and goodbyes give the chance for new beginning."
Hi everyone,

Since you have made the mistake of entering this page, I think it would be best to introduce myself after all.

    I am Anish Mallick from Kolkata, India. I got my Mathematics graduation from IISER (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research) Kolkata, and currently am an SRF at IMSc (Institute of Mathematical Science) Chennai doing my PhD in Mathematics under the guidance of Prof. Krishna Maddaly. I love working on programs and mathematical models in my free time, and also like playing PC games. During my school days I had an interest in electronics and thought of pursuing that as my career, but I loved science also and got my chance at IISER, so I joined there for my BS/MS degree. Being first batch we had some problems, but it also gave us excellent exposure in research. My interest in mathematics research came during my summer vacation when I attended IMSc for Nurture program in Mathematics, where for the first time some real application of mathematics was shown to us. My interest in mathematics and simulation came from my projects in physics, chemistry and biology. I have tried to put some of my projects here also. 

My CV can be found here.