"Beginnings always share promises, and goodbyes give the chance for new beginning."
Hi everyone,

Since you have made the mistake of entering this page, I think it would be best to introduce myself after all.

    I am Anish Mallick from Kolkata, India. I have completed my PhD in mathematics from IMSc (Institute of Mathematical Science) Chennai under the guidance of Prof. Krishna Maddaly  and got my masters in mathematics from IISER (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research) Kolkata. Currently I am a postdoc at ICTS-TIFR (International Centre for Theoretical Sciences) Bengaluru. My primary interest lies in the study of random operators. Most of my works are focused on spectral structure of Anderson type operators and local eigenvalue statistics, but I have started working on random matrices (mostly random distance matrix) and multi-particle Anderson model. 

     I also love working on mathematical models (mostly models which show some kind of emergence properties), programming and like playing PC games in my free time.  One of the concepts that fascinates me is the concept of collective intelligence. I am interested in ways to determine ways of identifying such phenomena. For example, Turing test was designed to compare a computer with human intelligence, but for that, we need a human who we assume to have a certain level of intelligence. But to determine the intelligence of a system (for example a cellular automata setup to emulate a complex system) in some abstract sense is much harder, particularly when we can only see small part of it. I think the answer lies in emergence and test for pseudo-randomness.

My academic profiles:

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