Boozhoo indinawemaaganidog!

This is a brand new pilot program for an on-line Ojibwe language class.  By taking this course you simply need to make a 15 minute a day commitment to use Gidanishinaabemowininaan 'Our Language' and a partner.  The lessons that are set up should take about 15 minutes apiece.  You should repeat each word or phrase that you hear four times.  This gives us a chance to practice the proper pronunciation of each word like in an improvised phonetics lab.  The 15 minutes a day also keeps us in constant contact with the language, which is absolutely necessary for us to learn and use Gidanishinaabemowininaan. 

The reason you need a partner is to have someone to do the work with and to help keep us on task with the lessons.  After you finish each lesson, you need to contact your partner and tell them that you completed the task.  You can contact each other in a variety of different ways, by email, a text message, a message or post on facebook.  It doesn't have to be long, just let them know that they are not working alone, that someone else also wants to learn, hear, and speak Ojibwemowin.  The lessons are online, so it can be easy to miss one lesson and say "I'll do a half hour tomorrow."  I like to think of this as a community building exercise that lets us keep in touch with each other using Gidanishinaabemowininaan.

If you need a partner, or have technical difficulties contact me at james.vukelich@gmail.com .