Places, Faces and Colours from Calcutta's Vanishing hues...

Here are some colours from the city, sadly described with fiendish delight - as dead and decaying by many a journalists and visitors. Pity, they have not seen it all.


As the age old saying goes -'Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder'.


In my journey of discovering Calcutta beneath the surface, I was enchanted and awe struck by her beauty and magnificence. Some of those feelings I attempted to express in my compositions.


A few B&W photographs are also presented in the preceding gallery and here are the hues of colour.


My perspective was one of wonderment & appreciation...



Mr. Mullick proudly points at the English, Ostler make 'made to order' composite chandelier-cum-ceiling-fan! - unparallel in whole Calcutta he proclaimed. True. They were commissioned by his grandfather. Three of them grace the drawing room. The pelmets, the couch and the lamp brackets are in fine matte gold colour, gracefully aged. A couple of English chain-fusee bracket clocks produce Westminster chimes. Two highly ornate, French figurine clocks also adorned the room. The one-piece, wall-to-wall carpet from erstwhile British dealer Lazarus and Company was kept rolled up for occasions. And there's a English grandfather clock with a detailed constellation dial and huge, mercury weights. Three more long case clocks adorned the wooden stair case landings. They ticked the passing time as their presence commanded respect...







Even the entrance of this palace is full of spectacular, priceless art objects and period pieces. A house that could well be a museum !


Affairs of the estate are being discussed on a Sunday morning.


A flamboyantly painted inner courtyard.


Checkered memories





 A room of breathtaking grandeur. Wealth and artistic taste created the best possible display of objects d' art. A rare, private collection of antiques in a home that is lived by and maintained almost as during a hundred year back.

The ageing and a thin layer of dust contrary to new money, are perhaps - testimonies of pedigree.


Palaces of Calcutta.
Ladies and Gentleman -
The City's vanishing rooms.
This narrative awaits to be patronised
and published as a fine book...

Green stained glass & more...