I am a Ph.D. research scholar in the Department of Theoretical Physics at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. My broad research interests are in the area of particle-astrophysics and cosmology. The aim of this field is to explore and probe the microscopic nature of yet unknown part of our universe with the help of the cosmological and astronomical observations. I am primarily interested in the theoretical study of the properties and interactions of the hypothesised ingredient of the universe, the Dark Matter.

The modern standard model of cosmology tells us that about 84% of the total matter energy density today resides in an unknown form, dubbed Dark Matter. Even though we know that the dark matter particles are cold and collisionless, it is conceivable to hypothesise interactions among them which could potentially solve some of the discrepancies between the predictions of the standard cosmology and observation data. I am involved in studying the possible phenomenologies and cosmological signatures of such self-interacting dark matter theories.

Apart from dark matter, I am also interested in the study of neutrino flavor oscillations. Neutrinos are very light particles that are produced in radioactive beta decays, in the sun, and in supernovae. The mixing between different flavours of neutrino leads to periodic changes in the flavour of a bath of neutrinos which is known as neutrino flavour oscillation. The complex and dynamic environment in a supernova makes the study of neutrino oscillation in a supernova both interesting and challenging.

Here is a list of my research publications. See below for my curriculum vitae.

C338, Dept. of Theoretical Physics
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
Mumbai 400005, India
Phone: +91-22-2278-2706/2421
Skype: anirbandas21989
Anirban Das,
Nov 5, 2018, 9:48 AM