Best BB Effect Generator

A small tip:
This program was written originally for some other purpose.
But I have totally been using it for a quite different purpose.
However, it doesn't serve its original purpose so much effectively as it serves my pupose.
I have requested the owner of the program to redefine it.
Make a good effect by waiting and moving your mouse randomly and fastly.
When you like a pattern> go to printscreen button (if you don't have any on your KB, throw it away) and go to> start>run and type mspaint and click press the enter button.
Now press ctrl+V
and look you have your favorite pattern.
No go to the Selection tool.
Choose the size and right click and click on Copy to.
Now save as My Imag BG 1 and 2 , 3 etc .
You are done.
You favourite background (more effective than onw made with photoshop) is ready.
And the best point is that  (don't tell the owner) it is free and can be done by a 5th grader also.