Speech and Debate have always been popular amongst high school students, and now more than ever students want to join the activity. While there are many different styles of debate, this website will offer a comprehensive guide to Lincoln-Douglas debate that will make learning about debate and improving a simple process!

There are many different styles of debate and many different speech events to choose from, but this site will focus on one in particular. Lincoln-Douglas (or LD, as it's affectionately known) is a one-on-one form of debate that focuses primarily on values, such as justice or morality, rather than pragmatic questions such as which policy a government should adopt. In LD, the topics change every two months allowing for a significant amount of in-depth research on a wide variety of topics.

Whether you want debate to be a lifelong passion or just one of a dozen extra-curriculars, this website will be a good starting ground. This site will be set up as a series of lectures or articles that allow for an easy self-paced learning program. Each page should provide enough material for a single day's worth of learning, but this site is all about helping you learn. If this is your first experience with debate, you can start with the absolute basics. If you're already familiar with LD, some of the later articles may still be worth browsing and the resources page should have material suitable for people of all skill levels.

Created Apr 21, 2011 Last Edited May 23, 2011
Nikhil Bhargava